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ShamROCKIN' Sixers Week 4



  • kistinbeekistinbee Member Posts: 3,718 Member Member Posts: 3,718 Member
    AmeZ...I have a Polar F6 and LOVE it! And I wear mine swimming, in the shower, in the hot tub...all the time! It's seriously only come off when I was in the hospital for my C-section! So I totally recommend it!!! worries if you don't have time for a run have been doing AWESOME!! And I love the new signature BTW!

    Cathy...last one!! Make it a good one!!!

    Well...time for some lunch! Have a good afternoon all!
  • bahamomma87bahamomma87 Member Posts: 164 Member Posts: 164
    Cathy -- make the most of your last trainer workout girl ! XO

    B- my motivating BUDDY :bigsmile: :happy: :laugh: A cold ?!?!? :frown: NO GOOD ... STAY AWAY COLD ...... your not wanted lol ... Very cool .. i am so asking for one for my birthday ! ..... ill look into the different ones ! they look awesome ! im so glad we can cheer each other on ! TODAY is a good day ! ..... love love love your siggies !

    KRistin-- yay ! that is awesome ! i had a c-section too ! wouldnt do it any other way hahah i didnt plan mines ... but i was glad in the end of having it ! Have a great afternoon too girl and remember LETS NOT SNACK ! hahah

    Today is a great day
    Ive made a mends with any enemies ive had .....
    Ive told my husband i dont want him to get a vasectomy.....
    ive decided that I wanna get a body that ill be proud to be pregnant in day
    I had a playdate with some great friends ....
    And the baby is napping hahaha

    Cant ask for a better day!
  • PedalHoundPedalHound Member Posts: 1,625 Member Member Posts: 1,625 Member
    A good friend of mine who is a wonderful photographer set up this fund-raiser after the Haiti disaster to raise $15,000.00 in one day for Haiti. She did photo shoots of 5-10 minutes by donation (minimum $60) and we got our pics back today. Here is my fav. It's my profile pic now but I wanted to show it bigger. LOVE IT!!!

  • kistinbeekistinbee Member Posts: 3,718 Member Member Posts: 3,718 Member
    Rhiannon...Beautiful BEAUTIFUL picture of such a Beautiful BEAUTIFUL family!!! Thanks for sharing!
  • drtammdrtamm Member Posts: 427 Member Posts: 427
    Glad to see everyone is doing well! I had a long day so I'm off for a nap I HOPE and then maybe some dinner. Driving all day drains me. I found two house I loved and I decided on the less expensive one first and then if that doesn't work I already have an offer waiting for the other. WHEW. I'm sorry I haven't been doing many personals but they are soon to come!

    Everyone have a restful evening!

    Rhiannon- lovely picture and your friend did something very wonderful. AWWH and congrats on the leading of the class. You are doing great.

    Love ya all!

  • vhubervhuber Member Posts: 8,793 Member Member Posts: 8,793 Member
    A good friend of mine who is a wonderful photographer set up this fund-raiser after the Haiti disaster to raise $15,000.00 in one day for Haiti. She did photo shoots of 5-10 minutes by donation (minimum $60) and we got our pics back today. Here is my fav. It's my profile pic now but I wanted to show it bigger. LOVE IT!!!

    Thank you for sharing your beautiful family with us!!! You ALL look happy and healthy!!!!!
  • lulabellewoowoolulabellewoowoo Member Posts: 3,125 Member Member Posts: 3,125 Member
    I'm making a new challenge for myself, and am simply taking it day by day. TODAY, for every 100 calories I eat, I am going to drink 8 oz of water. Also, for TODAY, no processed sugar products. I have fallen so far off course, that I need to simply sit back and focus on one day at a time until I can get my momentum back. The rain doesn't help the mood. THINK sunshine :)
  • chipper15173chipper15173 Member Posts: 4,087 Member Member Posts: 4,087 Member
    no more computer (facebook games) until the treadmill run is done.

  • kistinbeekistinbee Member Posts: 3,718 Member Member Posts: 3,718 Member
    Good morning!

    Cathy...enjoy the treadmill! And you have facebook? You should add me! :) If you want to, send me a private message and I'll give you my info!

    Lula...Yay for the water!! And one day at a time is the way to do it!

    Tamm...good luck with the houses!

    Everyone else...HELLO!!!

    Well...I am VERY excited to report that last night went WONDERFULL!!!! I went home and went on a lovely walk with Kadence burning 260 calories! Then I made a yummy dinner and counted every single calorie carefully! After Kadence went to bed I did a 15 minute Ab workout (which kicked my butt...I mean abs!) And then drank plenty of water before going to bed. Did you notice? NO SNACKING!!!!!!!! :drinker: :drinker: :drinker: I am SO proud of myself!!! This is the first night in a LONG time where I had no evening snacking!!! I could jump up and down!!!! YAY!!! I'm hoping for another successful day today!!!!

    I have a meeting all afternoon today, so don't know how much I'll be on here! And I'm going to try and get on from home this weekend, but I have dial up and so might only get to enter in my foods! So...have a FABULOUS weekend and I'll check back when I can!
  • bahamomma87bahamomma87 Member Posts: 164 Member Posts: 164
    Lorna-- i agree DAY BY DAY ! is how we do it ! sometimes i even have to focus hour by hour ! cuz with the baby my day is so unpredictable.... goodluck girl ! think Positively !

    cathy -- great motivation haha ! Have a good treadmill run !

    Kristin-- wahoo for you ! i am jumping up and down for you ! seriously that is awesome..... I didnt snack last night either ! ..... yay for us

    Have a great day
  • vhubervhuber Member Posts: 8,793 Member Member Posts: 8,793 Member
    Good morning Sixers! Good job and may you conquer on your challenges today and over the weekend !!!!!!
    I have been draggin energy wise but still get in some sort of fitness and my water. Wed. I went over calories by quite abit, just felt hungry and I ate till bed time, then I slept like crud! Got back on track yesterday though! Be good to yourself cuz you are worth it!
  • its_Bits_B Member Posts: 491 Member Posts: 491
    WOW I have a lot of personals to go through! haha

    KRISTIN! - OMG YAY FOR NO SNACKING AND THE INCREDIBLE WORK OUTS!!! You should def. be so proud of yourself! You made a huge step! In case you can't get on this weekend, remember, NO SNACKING! haha You def. got this! :flowerforyou: (they need to make a pom pom smilie!) 18_1_336.gif We are officially 4/4!! GO US!!! (thanks for the sig complement too!haha)

    AMY!!!!!!!!- Ya a cold :cry: I have started coughing pretty hard core now... :cry: looks like I might be sick on my b-day,, but its okay! because i am going to do everything in my power to prevent it, and treat it, and i will not have a pity party with food!! GO ME! AND GO YOU!!!! You did so much yesterday! How did your husband react to the news? I think you deserve to have more kids! Your obviously a great mum!!! How is today going?!?!

    Rhiannon- WHAT A BEAUTIFUL PICTURE! seriously very gorgeous...

    Tamm - You are going to have to tell us(well at least me) ALL about the house if you get it!!! I love moving, (does that make me weird?) MI is the longest place my family and I have ever lived and thats because my brother and i begged them to let us graduate from HS before we moved again, I regret making that decision, We have been living in MI for 8 years now, and I REALLY dont like it here. I CANT WAIT to move to florida, and then after a couple years there I will pick somewhere else to move! haha Maybe I will join Amy in the ISlands! haha

    Lula - YOU CAN DO IT!!! one day at the time is Def. the best way to go! you got this girlie!! *HUGS*

    cathy- haha Farmville, cafe world, haha ive played them all, my boyfriends mom is ADDICTED to em, its kinda cute! YAY RUN! How did your last work out with your trainer go?!

    Verda - Maybe your getting a cold like I am? and yay for getting back on track!!! I totally thought of your motivational post when i got home last night and thought about eating a chocolate chip cookie, but after i remembered I just went up stairs and fell asleep instead! haha

    To those who havent updated yet, please do, because if you dont by the end of the week your names will be dropped.

  • its_Bits_B Member Posts: 491 Member Posts: 491

    So forgot to update about me,.... I can hardly keep my excitement down, SIXERS, I cheated, well i cheated in the sense that I stepped on the scale.... and I weighed in at... DUN DUN DUNNNNNNN 202.4 !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    That means I have lost 2.4 pounds in the last 4 days!!! THAT IS AWESOME! (at least it is in my mind!) I realized that I can TOTAL get under 200 for my birthday on Wed. It would be the best birthday gift I could give myself!!!!

    So I will keep up my work, and i wont just be 4/4 by my birthday!!! I will make it 5/5 today... and the next day, and the next day!

    Oh so as I was telling Amy, I def. have a cold. I've been sniffling for 5 days now, sneezing for 3 days, and last night I started coughing and havent stopped yet.. and actually bout an hour ago I coughed up my first amount of flem or w/e its called(EWWWWW). hoping it is just the changing of the seasons, I will break out my herbal health stuff tonight and get rid of this cold! I didn't end up working out yesterday, I forgot that i had to meet with my family lawyer in between classes. I had to sign paperwork determining power of attorney, how hard they try to revive me if I ill, etc. It was pretty depressing.. I ate soooo little yesterday tho, and I can't figure out why, the only thing I could think of was from lack of sleep/the cold coming on.

    Well thats all I can think to say about myself right now! Check back in later! LOVE YOU GUYS!
  • lulabellewoowoolulabellewoowoo Member Posts: 3,125 Member Member Posts: 3,125 Member
    Decided to keep it real anyway. Had two bad days, set back on weight loss, but I'm remotivated and going forward

    B (its_B).............................SW 204.6 lbs/ GW 195lbs/ CW 204.8 lbs/ PROGRESS +/- 0.0 lbs
    Cathy(chipper)......................SW 241.6 lbs / GW 235 lbs / CW 241.2 lbs / PROGRESS -.4 lbs
    Amy S (bahamom87)............SW 266 lbs / GW 262 lbs / CW 267 lbs / PROGRESS + 1.0 lbs
    izzypup...............................SW 181.4 lbs / GW 176 lbs / CW 178.4 lbs / PROGRESS -.2lbs
    Alison (ali258)......................SW 225.6 lbs / GW 219 lbs / CW 223.6 lbs / PROGRESS -2.0 lbs
    Kristin (kistinbee).................SW 178.5 lbs/ GW 170.0 lbs/ CW 178.0 lbs/ PROGRESS -0.5 lbs
    Amy (amypyr)......................SW 159 lbs / GW 153 lbs / CW 157.4 lbs / PROGRESS -1.6 lbs
    Rhiannon (PedalHound)........SW 000.0lbs / GW -8lbs /CW -4.0lbs / PROGRESS -4.0lbs
    Verda (vhuber).....................SW 150.0 lbs / GW 145.0 lbs / CW 146.0 lbs/ PROGRESS - 4 lbs
    Emmie (emmie110)..............SW 219.8 lbs/ GW 207 lbs / CW 220.0 lbs / PROGRESS +0.2 lbs
    Amy (pdxmomof2)...............SW 200.6 lbs/ GW 188.0 lbs/ CW 201.00 lbs/ PROGRESS +0.4lbs
    Lorna (iftcheiaf)....................SW 146.0 lbs / GW 134 lbs / CW 142.2 lb/ PROGRESS - 3.8 lbs

    Lauryn (Phoenix_Rising).......SW 157.0 lbs / GW 150 lbs / CW 157.2 lbs / PROGRESS +0.2 lbs
    Heidi(orangeoldies88)...........SW 188.0 lbs / GW 180.0 lbs / CW 184.6 lbs / PROGRESS - 3.4 lbs
    AmyLou (amylou24).............SW 145.2 lbs / GW 140 lbs / CW 146.4 lbs / PROGRESS +1.2lbs
    Tiffany (tbear358).................SW 147.5 lbs/ GW 135 lbs / CW 142.5 / PROGRESS -5 lbs
    Kelly (redneckwoman)..........SW 149.0 lbs / GW 144.0 lbs / CW 149.0 lbs / PROGRESS 0.0 lbs
    Tammara (drtamm)..............SW 201.0lbs / GW 196lbs / CW 201.0 lbs / PROGRESS +/- lbs
    Tiff (gonabfit).......................SW 149lbs / GW 140 lbs / CW 149 lbs / PROGRESS 0
    Nicole(nicolee516)...............SW 168.4 lbs/GW 165 lbs/ CW 166.4 lbs / PROGRESS - 2 lb
    Tamara (IKnowICan..............SW 162.0 lbs/GW 157lbs/CW 162.0 lbs/ PROGRESS - 0 lb
    primalB...............................SW 137 / GW 128 / CW 132.5 / PROGRESS -4.5 lbs
    Em (greenerme) ..................SW 160.0 lbs / GW 145.0 lbs / CW 157.6 lbs / PROGRESS -2.4 lbs
    Pam (PamH555)..................SW 203.5lbs / GW 193.5 lbs / CW 203.0 lbs / PROGRESS -0.5 lbs
    moonq8..............................SW 200.6 lbs / GW 190 lbs/ CW 201.6 lbs/ PROGRESS +1 lbs

    Don't know how much of this is because of my cycle or because of my two days of binging and still retaining salt among other things. But next week will definitely be better!

    Sorry I haven't been doing personals. I am definitely thinking about you, but have been going crazy trying to get everything done before kids are off next week. I miss you guys. Keep going.

    B - absolutely awesome. 199.9 is definitely doable! You can do it for us!!!

    Talk to you all soon
  • bahamomma87bahamomma87 Member Posts: 164 Member Posts: 164
    So i changed my signature to my total INSPIRATION ! i get to look in that face everyday and he loves me no matter what i look like .... his eyes are not judging me ..... and I want to not judge myself either.... Day by Day .... i can do this... im sure there are going to be not so good days and im sure there will be some GREAT days.... but all in all ... im here for the ride....

    B- so proud of you girlie... i know you can do it ! whap that 200 boundary .... break it down ! ..... xoxo feel better

    Lorna-- Good for you for pushing forward even amongst a tough week !

    Verda-- way to go on getting back on track !

    Tamm-- thinkin of you with all the stresses of houses ! xoxo

    Rhiannon-- What an awesome family photo ! GORGEOUS !
  • vhubervhuber Member Posts: 8,793 Member Member Posts: 8,793 Member
    AmY your lil guy is adorable? Lucky you!! Be good to yourself!!!
    'B', wow girl super job, yes you can to Onederville by our b-day! Please take care of that cold!!! No I am not sick just tired!!!
    Good job fellow sixers and have a workout or two or three over the weekend!!!:wink:
  • its_Bits_B Member Posts: 491 Member Posts: 491
    okay def. sick.. cant stop coughing... and i am starrting to get that head foggyness that comes with having a cold.

    I just got a call to babysit. She assured me the kids would be in bed so I said sure thing. Which means no gym tonight, but its okay i already ate dinner, so i just finished logging my food. I am hoping to get a good amount of sleep tonight, I would like to get up early tomorrow and go to the gym! SO if I do good and not snack tonight, i should be 5/5 tomorrow! :)

    Amy your lilttle one is sooo adoable! VERY CUTE SIGGIE!!!

    Verda - yay! I hope we both have such a good birthday! I would be sad if we didnt!
  • bahamomma87bahamomma87 Member Posts: 164 Member Posts: 164
    Verda--- hopefully tomorrow your energy will be back ! thank you so much ! i am making an effort to be good to myself for ME and for him ....

    B-- Aww thanks ... and GIRL WE CAN SO DO THIS ! ... lets have an awesome weekend girl ! i wanna see some loss for us both by tuesday !!!!!!!

  • lulabellewoowoolulabellewoowoo Member Posts: 3,125 Member Member Posts: 3,125 Member
    Amy (bahamomma) - he is so precious. Awesome pics! Good for you for having such a wonderful inspiration

    B - HUGS!!!! Sorry you are sick. This weather is messing with everyone I think all over. Try and take care of yourself.

    Well, I met 3 out of my 4 goals yesterday, the one not met was eating past 9:30. But I ate within my calories, so not so bad.

    Goals for today:
    Run 3 miles
    Water! - 8 oz per 100 calories consumed.
    No processed sugar
    No eating past 9:30

    Have a great weekend everyone!!!
  • bahamomma87bahamomma87 Member Posts: 164 Member Posts: 164
    Lorna-- GOOD LUCK TODAY meeting all of your goals ! we are doing this ..... :flowerforyou: :bigsmile:


    I am so so so proud of myself.... I got up at 7am this morning and for the first morning in a week ... i did 50 minutes of working out ! and i am going to do my 30 minutes on the WII later .... so ill be well over the 60 minute goal of working out per day ! I did a leslie sansone power mile ... as well as a 35 minute yoga booty complete body workout ! ahhh it felt good !

    And now im drinking my first 32 oz jug of water ... and had a fiber plus bar !

    I CAN DO THIS ! :tongue:
    I booked a photoshoot for the 10th of april .... to give me TWO Weeks to lose 5 lbs at least ! if i havent met it ..... i cant go !!! if ive met the goal then I can go !

    YAY !
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