crossfit opinions?

I was wondering what your opions were on crossfit? I'm thinking about starting it.


  • booyainyoface
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    its totally awesome if you go to a good box with GREAT instructors. way too many boxes emphasize weight too much instead of form being your number 1 priority. form should come first, weight once you get it down, and constantly throughout the workout the instructors should be watching and critiquing you and telling you to drop weight if you aren't in good form.

    that being said... i have found an awesome box with awesome instructors that are WAY more qualified than just getting their level 1 certifications. shop around a lot.

    you will find a lot of haters on here saying its too dangerous. with the precautions stated above it should be totally fine. all exercises come with risks- if you know your limits you will be totally fine.
  • KellyL23
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    I just started this week, after seeing my friends going through it and LOVING it, and I too can say that I love it so far!!!!! I am sore, but a good sore. I have lifted weights before, but that got boring very fast. Give it a try!!! I was never pushed to try more weight than I can handle, the coach actually gave me a lighter bar when he saw i was struggling with my Push Presses. Plus we spend a lot of time stretching at the end, cant beat that!!!
  • Matt_Wild
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    Crossfit is simply a way of making money from doing 5-10 exercises back to back, previously known as circuit training. Find 5 exercises you like and combine back to back for 5-6 sets of 12-15 reps. Easy and doesn't cost a penny to do their 'crossfit' course.

    Genius way of making money tho, wish I'd thought of it! LOL :laugh:
  • kgprice11
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    It is such an awesome workout. My friend is a trainer and crossfit and I am helping him out, even being in shape (not fully but close) I still want to throw up after each workout. It pushes you to the point of utter exhaustion but in the end its a full body workout all in 30 minutes or less. I WOULD NOT SUGGEST IT TO THE PEOPLE WHO ARE JUST STARTING TO WORKOUT, I WOULD GIVE IT A COUPLE WEEKS AT LEAST OF GETTING YOUR STAMINA UP BEFORE TRYING IT!!