Ladies looking to loose weight together!

Hi, my name is Harmony and I am looking into loosing some serious lbs.(40-50) And I have always found it in the past a lot easier to loose weight when you have others going through the same thing to talk about it with. I've recently become friends with my sister-in-law on here. I never really thought about having friends on fitness pal much before. But ever since we became friends and I can see her status everyday she really motivates me! Especially since she just had a baby 3 months ago!
So I figured if there was anyone else outhere just looking for some friends and motivation feel free to add me on your friends list :)


  • msperkey3
    msperkey3 Posts: 93 Member
    You can add me~ we can motivate each other!
  • I will definately do that! :)
  • Add me, please! :)
  • Add me then! I am down 15 pounds so far, but i have about 40 more to go until I am where I want to be!
  • sandobr1
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    Add me, I am closing in on halfway to goal, log in everyday and log everything I eat. I keep things positve and light and avoid drama...mostly. Good luck in your path to weight loss.
  • TwelveTwentyOne
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    I just had a baby 3 months ago too! ;) Always looking for friends and motivation to keep going!
  • Add me too :) I'd love some new friends!
  • fortynow
    fortynow Posts: 7 Member
    I am looking to lose 35 to 40 lbs. Feel free to add me as well :)
  • laurajean120
    laurajean120 Posts: 24 Member
    add me always looking for new friends
  • Hello Ladies!

    This is my first time logging on so I'm looking for some friends to motivate me!!
  • morielia
    morielia Posts: 170 Member
    Feel free to add me. Always open to new friends.
  • omsmom12
    omsmom12 Posts: 32 Member
    Feel free to add me. I had my twins five months ago and I'm working on getting in shape for them.
  • feel free to add me
  • jennyylee
    jennyylee Posts: 17 Member
    Feel free to add me :)
  • wrkout2bfit
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    Feel free to add me too
  • Feel free to to add me. Ive lost 20lbs so far and still have about 50 to go
  • Feel free to add me:) Had baby number 4 a year ago and figured it is about time to get back on track! down8 lbs and still have 15 to go!
  • disawell
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    Hi ladies - i put on a considerable amount over winter, but i have a bridesmaid dress to fit into on 5 Jan (right after xmas, who does that lol) im trying on the dress tomorrow but im not sure it will fit, so I gotta lose some. I've been on mfp for a while but it looks like all my old friends have dropped off! So I need some new ones! Can't wait to "meet" you - and hopefully encourage you on your journey :)
  • Oh my goodness! twins! you must have your hands full!!! I will add you just as soon as I can, apparently you can only send out 5 friend request every 10 minutes.... and I was overwhelmed with the amount of people who responded :) Which I am happy about obviously
  • You are all welcome to add me. I find it so helpful to have people comments on your posts and motivate you :)