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ShamROCKIN' Sixers Week 4



  • bahamomma87bahamomma87 Member Posts: 164 Member Posts: 164
    Made a break-through this morning .....
    :happy: :bigsmile: :drinker:

    Yesterday i was feeling crappy for myself.... and made an entire package of break and bake pillbury cookies ! Ugh .... anyways i got busy and never ate them ... and forgot i made them actually..... so this morning when i finished my workout here they are staring at me on the stove ....

    I didnt think twice about it ..... grabbed the entire tray .... and threw them in the garbage..... and washed the pan !

    HOORAY :tongue: :laugh: :wink:

    i calculated if i can lose 2 lbs a week until december 12th .... (when we leave for our 5th anni trip with wyatt to take him to disney world again) ...... i can be 194 :bigsmile: :bigsmile: :bigsmile:

    I found that very motivating.... because we have been to disney for our honeymoon (215 lbs), first anni (246 lbs and pregnant), 2nd anni (252 lbs and pregnant), our third we skipped because we had a newborn lol, fourth anni (269 lbs with a 16 month old) .... so this year to think i could be UNDER 200 IS AMAZING INCENTIVE ! wow ! to counteract the birth control, the two pregnancies, one miscarriage, a c-section, and a toddler ! AHHHHHHHHHHH! :flowerforyou:

    kick my butt if I even begin to not lose lol !
  • vhubervhuber Member Posts: 8,799 Member Member Posts: 8,799 Member
    YEAH for conquering those goals!!!!
    AmY, wow! Way to have POWER over those cookies that is awesome! My downward spiral was with the Reeses Pnut Bttr EGGS!
    Even though I am to be in menopause, I have been having PMS and a slight period again for the last few months! Poor body is such a mess!!! Yesterday was two of the eggs and today we will fight harder!!!!
  • bahamomma87bahamomma87 Member Posts: 164 Member Posts: 164
    Verda--- i knew you would be on ..... hehe ! YAY ! thank you so much ! I WAS VERY PROUD ! for ME to throw those cookies out was a big thing ! they are my weakness ! i can promise you there wont be any more of those on my grocery bill! you can do it !


    yet another mini-success.... hubby called and asked what to order from this awesome take out place .... and i changed my mind FOUR TIMES ! ended up ordering

    1 garden salad with no dressing
    (i will add 2 tbsp of my own dressing)
    1 chicken salad sandwich no mayo on WHEAT BREAD !

    sooooooo happy !!!!!

    normally i will be honest it includes chicken, fries, cheese sticks, macaroni, etc ! you get the picture !

    shooting for under 200 by 2011
  • its_Bits_B Member Posts: 491 Member Posts: 491
    OMG! Forums are movin! haha ,

    AMY!!!!! OMG CONGRATS ON THROWING OUT THE COOKIES AND ORDERING HEALTHY!!!! that is amazing! you are def. on the right track!! I am soooo proud of you! AND YOU CAN TOTALLY REACH YOUR GOAL!!!!!!!!!!!!! And I know you can lose the weight for your photoshoot! WOOT WOOOT... and i know i had more to say here but i cant remember what it is...

    Verda - haha EGGSS I love easter candy. prolly the reason I havent been to a grocery store in like 2 weeks because I dont even want to be tempted!!!

    I am going in and out on feeling sick and feeling better, the broncaid, vitamins, and teas are def. helping. I am super tired, my short babysitting gig turned into a 3 am job when the mom decided she wanted to stay out longer with her creepy date. I didnt mind too much.

    So I need some personal advice. I know I have told all of you that I am in a long distance relationship. And I really like the guy, but since I have been working so hard on my future lately things have been really clicking for me. And one of those things is that Alex isn't the "one" for me. He is a great guy, I do love him, he has everything personality wise that I want. But he doesnt have a real future. He is okay with the life he has (which is poverty, not that there is anything wrong with that lifestyle, but it is CERTAINLY not the life style I want) he hates education, it is very doubtful that he will go onto college, and he considers being a "Carny" a "CAREER" and not a job. I guess I kind of knew this when I started dating him.... Here is where I am having the most conflict tho... We are really good together, but I know that he isnt the one. Do I stay with him because I am enjoying it, and I am young? ORRRR (i am feeling the pressure to figure things out and grow up cuz of my 20th birthday on WED) Do i break his heart, and my own in some ways, and end things and try and find someone new?... Its becoming a huge conflict with in me.... I am moving to FL after all... but i dont want to hurt him, and I dont want to hurt myself and be alone... HELP!

    oh! and I am doing good so far today only had a yogurt so far... Going to the gym after work and then out with the girls for some girl time!
  • bahamomma87bahamomma87 Member Posts: 164 Member Posts: 164
    B- i posted to you about your relationship on the thread you posted ! I know its going to be tough but i think you have already made your decision ! your mind is playing tricks to try and go thru with it ! love u ! KEEP UP THE AWESOME WORK ! we can so do this ! woohooooooo ! and you bet i will make my photo shoot goal ! which will also be the challenge goal toooo ! hehe !
  • chipper15173chipper15173 Member Posts: 4,087 Member Member Posts: 4,087 Member
    6 glasses of water down
    made a deck out of old fencing panels in backyard
    pulled up two saga palms
    made cookies for DH's lunches
    going to go watch planet 51
  • drtammdrtamm Member Posts: 427 Member Posts: 427
    Hello Sixers!

    AMY(BAHA))- You did a better job than I could have with the cookies. Home baked gets me every TIME. YAY that is v ery imprssive!!! Thanks for thinking about me! LOL, I'm alive an well!

    Verda- A few treats hasn't killed anyone I know yet. LOL. Enjoy yourself. Any new dvd's in your life?

    Cathy- Sounds like you are doing a great job! I know you had your last session with your trainer but are there anythings you learned that you can apply daily? Best wishes! How is Shanell?

    B!- Follow what your heart says! I mean you are young and you deserve to be happy. Its crazy how life is. Long distance relationships are difficult. If you do decide to stay with him, maybe your drive to succeed will give him the power to overcome his ideas about school. Only time will tell!


    I made an offer on the house, got a counter, I sent another counter.... Only time will tell! I do really want them to help with closing costs but they aren't really interest in that. IF this deal doesn't work, I have another house to try!

    Take care friends!!!


    P.S. Tiff went to Atlanta to celebrate with a friend for her birthday
  • PedalHoundPedalHound Member Posts: 1,625 Member Member Posts: 1,625 Member
    B, I'm going to be very frank and I hope that's okay. On one hand, you ARE young and there's no rush to settle down. I think if you re-read what you wrote, you'll notice that you made reference to breaking up with him and "finding someone else". I can be picky about vocabulary and its power in our minds and lives. How about you don't worry about "someone else" and just live true to yourself. Being great together is great. Loving someone is great. But I'll share some wisdom both from my life experience and moreso from the perspectives of the several friends I have right now who are recently divorced, many of whom were happy enough in their marriages and many of whom ignored blatant signals: The more partners you meet in the world, the more you'll realize that chemistry is easy to find, even feeling good in a relationship isn't hard to find. So if you can say "he's not the ONE but.. but.. but..." it doesn't matter. It's that first part that counts. And I think most people can vouch for the fact that staying in a relationship once you realize it's not all there can lead to trouble in the end. Better to call it once you see it. Definitely not always an easy thing to do, but so important. This may be controversial advice up next, but I think the most important thing you can do is not to feel like you're looking out for "the one". Allow yourself to have relationships with people and keep one eye on your autonomy. I'm not saying shut people out, but be confident in your autonomy and let relationships just be what they are until you see a reason not to be in it anymore, and then call it like you see it. Because the person you click with completely in the way that you mean when you say "the one" will not disappear when you maintain your ground in your autonomy or the convictions about what you want in a relationship. When you feel comfortable not LOOKING, the right person will be crystal clear. When we are seeking something we can often find it where it doesn't fully exist. I hope this makes sense. I feel like I'm not explaining myself well. Anyway, follow your heart - always - and you'll reap the benefits throughout your life!
  • lulabellewoowoolulabellewoowoo Member Posts: 3,125 Member Member Posts: 3,125 Member
    Hi guys. I need to say that you guys are awesome. I definitely need you and you have been there for me. I even got a personal message from one of you that brightened my day, in addition to all the words of encouragement on here. I promise to be more involved next week, but again THANK YOU

    B- As someone that vaguely remembers being 20, and 15 years later is on her second marriage, here is my 2 cents worth. Broken hearts do heal, his or yours. Guilt is never a reason to be with someone. That leads to resentment and aggravation. And if you stay in a relationship for those reason and eventually bring children into the mix, then they are affected. If you know now that he is not the one for you, then let him move on and find the person that is, and yourself. And who is to say that he will not grow up one day and it might work out. Either way, relationships are a lot of work and commitment, and marriage (hopefully) is forever. You want to make sure it "clicks" for you in all aspects. Anyway, that's my humble opinion. Again, remember I've already had one failed marriage, so take it with a grain of salt.

    Goals for me today:
    Go for a 3 mile walk with my daughter.
    Drink 8 oz of water per 100 calories eaten.
    No processed sugar (doing pretty good with it, other than little tastes - saved myself from a lot of desserts yesterday)
    No eating past 9:30

    I hope you all have a great day. Looking forward to being more involved with next weeks thread.
  • bahamomma87bahamomma87 Member Posts: 164 Member Posts: 164
    Good morning girls ....

    Cathy -- Sounds like you had a GREAT day yesterday ! lol cookies for DH lunch ??? lol ..... that was cute in the midst of all that hard work lol ! keep it up !

    TAmm-- im glad you have a back up option if this deal doesnt go thru ...... but i hope they break down and decide to cover the costs you want them to .... I have no idea about all that stuff lol ... we just build our own homes here on the island ! when we branch out and get married lol ! until then we usually stay home with our rents ! lol HAHA ! ..... i left home early at 17..... i was more of an indendant person ... didnt wanna be taking advantage ! thanks for letting us know where Tiff is at !

    Rhiannon-- I loved your advice to B .... when i was in high school i fell in love (puppy love) ... anyways when that ended i kind of decided to do what you said .... kinda let relationships be what they are .... and still keep an eye on my freedom and independance .... and when i least expected it... my hubby came into my life out of NO WHERE ... he was out of a broken engagement.... and I was only 18 ..... and here we are five years later.... and still going strong..... but i still manage to keep an eye on my freedom and stuff ... because i feel like IF for some awful reason we didnt work ..... i want to not fall apart and not be my own person ya kno? .... but im hoping we are in this forever.... cuz i really do luv the guy haha ! whats new with you ??

    Lorna-- awww im so happy to have you here too ! So sorry you had one of those weeks ! we are here for you whenever ! good luck on your goals today ! i know you can do it !


    AHHHHH I AM SO PROUD ..... i didnt snack at all after dinner last night ..... slept great... got up around 5:30 to go into my son .... and i had the choice of crawling back into my warm comfy bed with my hubby or working out .... well i chose the WORk OUT ! i did the 25 minute start it up from slimin6 .... and a 1 mile 20 minute walk ... as well 15 mins on the WII ! so i got my HOUR work out in ... and burned almost 500 calories ! then ate a healthy bowl of cereal and banana !

    Normally weekends are when im out of control ... and i feel SO CONTROLLED ..... im in this ! considering the other day i saw 270 again and it scared me .... this morning i saw 267 again ... and who knows what tuesdays weigh in holds !
  • izzypupizzypup Member Posts: 342 Member Posts: 342
    Good morning everyone. I see that a lot is going on this week. I just finished spring break this week. Gotta go back to work tomorrow. I loved spending time with my grand daughter. Got some stuff done at my home. It's been relaxing and enjoyable. Started swimming this week. In fact getting ready to go there when I am done here.

    Tamm- good luck on the house. It's all part of the buying process. Really just set your limit and stick to it.

    Amy- Your pics are soooo cute! Good job on the weight. Keep it up! You are sooo strong!

    Rhiannon- I think your advice was spot on for B.

    B- I am 50 yrs old. I hear soooo often that for many women their true understanding of who they are came in their 40's. I wouldn't go back and be 19, 20, 30.... The road of life takes a lot of turns and twists. That what makes it interesting, wonderful, and yes... sometimes sad. At one point after my divorce I decided that I wouldn't have a healthy relationship until i was truly in touch with who I am. Amazingly enough I found myself enjoying different relationships but really love to be by myself. Maybe someday i will get remarried but I don't need it to be whole. I am whole now.

    Well take care everyone and I hope to chat back later. I am doing a charity thing at the Blues (hockey) game tonite. It is always fun.

  • bahamomma87bahamomma87 Member Posts: 164 Member Posts: 164
    Sandy --- Yay for swimming ... sorry spring break is over but im glad you got to spend time with your grand-daughter ! Thanks about my baby boy .... he is my sweet boy ... I love him so much.... Your cruise is coming up !!!!!! thats my grampas birthday .... he will be 70 something.... so i will work hard with you for your goal and mines... by that day i want to be 259 or less by then ! :) so lets work hard towards that date ! we can do it ! I agree with your advice too ... Its nice to find love being YOURSELF ... and loving YOU in all your entirety... the good and the not so great.... as long as we are happy with ourselves... i think its the IMPORTANT thing .... !

    Ahhhhh another mini-breakthru ..... IM SO HAPPY to announce... hubby asked if i wanted Kentucky ......and i told him NO THANK yOU .... i may have wanted it but my body doesnt NEED IT ! ... and i made me a spinach salad with 1 tbsp of kens healthy options dressing, and a spa select lean cuisine !

    Also, if you notice i havent been journalling... .its because ive been pointing.... and the points/calories are SOOO different.... so i dont want to have to log in two different places ! but know that I AM INDEED writing EVERY scrap of everything down ...... and drinking loads of water !

    HAve a blessed day girls !
  • its_Bits_B Member Posts: 491 Member Posts: 491
    Wow sooo many updates, so many opinions...

    I am feeling sick... very sick... but I am def. pushing through it. I didnt eat anything pretty much all day yesterday. I burned 989 calories at the gym (which i was shocked by, i mean things felt SOOO much harder yesterday but I didnt realized I would have a calorie burn to display how hard it was). I unofficially weighed in this morning agian, 201.8! which is a .8 loss in two days... Gosh I am hoping I can pull off under 200 by wednesday... guess I just need to push myself. I REALLY wanted to wake up today and do something outside.. but it appears that Mother Nature had other plans. I woke up feeling sicker, and it is raining outside :cry: I did make an oopsie last night. While @ a friends I ate 3 pieces of pizza... and man did i regret it.. my tummy became upset from the grease almost immediately....
    Oh and thanks everyone for the advice, I am def. going to listen to every bit... just a little bit confused I guesss. And I decided I want to wait and think about it til after my b-day weekend (next weekend) and def. til after my cold clears up. So thank you everyone!

    now nuff bout me! onto all of you!

    cathy - Sounds like you had a very productive day!!

    Tamm - Hope you get one of the houses!!! jealous of your sister! haha!

    Rhiannon- Thank you for ALLL the advice! and I totally understood what you were saying!!!!!!! How had you been doing this weekend??

    Lula- Your the sweetest! *HUGS BACK* I know you can reach your goals today !and next week your gunna b our number1 girl!!! We adore you! NEVER FORGET THAT!

    Amy!!!! OMG SOOO PROUD OF YOU! GREAT JOB! THAT WEIGHT IS GOING TO COME FLYING OFF!!! haha i adore your and your husbands love story. very cute! :love: YAY for turning down the fast food, and journaling! your doing soooo well!

    Sandy - Sounds like you had a wonderful spring break! Thank you sooooo much for the words of wisdom! seriously, sounds like a great thing!!!

    well to everyone else, your in my thoughts hope your having a great sunday!
  • vhubervhuber Member Posts: 8,799 Member Member Posts: 8,799 Member
    Good job Sixers! and Get well "B"!!
    I have been busy with my 3 yr old grandson, he's been here since Tuesday and goes back tonite. His mommy needed a break! We ran today 4.5 miles , well I ran while he sat in the jogger.:tongue: It is beautiful here in Montana today and I wish you all the same weather!!! Talk later!
  • its_Bits_B Member Posts: 491 Member Posts: 491
    JUST GOT BACK FROM HIKING IN THE RAIN!!! Well at first it was just sprinkles, but at the end it was pouring.

    So to explain I didnt want to sit around, but i didnt want to go to the gym either. And I REALLY wanted to go outside... so decided to get all done up to go hiking, found my armor hiking pants (SOOO TIGHT YOU CAN SEE EVERYTHING! BUT DAMN I ACTUALLY LOOK GOOD!!!) put on my underarmor top, got my hiking thermal socks on put on my expensive hiking boots tht I got like 5 years ago when i was into hiking and backpacking, found my old navy rain slick, grabbed my dog and my athletic back baggy, and went out to Holly Rec (like a state park) and hiked! I hiked for 1 hour and 5 minutes, did the ENTIRE trail around 2 lakes, really wish I owned a pedometer so i could have figured out how many miles it was, it was up and down hill, it was easy at times and harder at others. I Looked like a pro! I moved like a pro! I never once got out of breath and trust me I was trucking pretty damn fast, I know cuz my husky had to lightly jog to keep up!!! I burned 645 calories too! I had a total blast, so much so that I think I am going to make that what I do EVERY Sunday! for a change in scenery, and a change in activity, and maybe as I get better and better at it I will start to move around teh state to do it in different spots. If all goes well before I leave I would love to do a weekend trip up north, the best case would be to do a backpacking camping trip... that can be my families vacation or well at least mine, since it appears we will not be able to afford to go now that my dad's been reduced to work only 3 days a week...

    Well I am extremely happy and proud of myself!!
    Going to see that new How to Train your Dragon movie tonight with my brother!
    Until later sixers!!!
  • gonabfitgonabfit Member Posts: 712 Member Member Posts: 712 Member
    Hey guys!! I'm back :-) Feeling better and just got back from a weekend trip to Atlanta!! :-) I'm currently going through a breakup... so I have a lot on my plate right now... but I know it's going to workout for the best! I was worried about if I would look fat while I was in ATL but I found some really flattering outfits and I LOOKED SOOOO CUTE! woohoo! The guys in the club were going wild lol. hahaha. I ignored them of course but it was nice to look beautiful and have people notice.

    I start pediatrics tomorrow and we will work 6 days a week. 60-80 hours a week. I am dedicating myself to continuing to get into shape. I have 4 months til my birthday! Turning 25 and want to look and most importantly FEEL amazing. So I am making a plan to keep boundaries in my personal and fitness life... like eating healthy for 4 days, then getting a day to eat dessert or french fries etc.

    Oh, and now that my asthma is under better control.... I am about to hit the ground running with the exercise! Side note, I calculated my BMR. I can eat up to 2200 cals and maintain my weight... and since I feel really tired when I cut my cals too low, and my weight begins to stall... I am goign to allow myself to eat more calories and then workout more with a goal of being
    -700 cals a day.... which should let me lose around 1.5 lbs a week. That's way slower than I'd usually like BUT since I'm going to be so busy for the next 4 months ... I think it will let me reach my goal without needing to stress so much on every bite of food I eat. In 4 months I'd lose 22 lbs... putting me REALLY close to my final goal!

    Ok, enough talking... I just wanted to stop by and talk to you guys since I have been soo busy and unable to stop by.
  • gonabfitgonabfit Member Posts: 712 Member Member Posts: 712 Member
    p.s. I wanted to let you guys know.... I had a PROUD moment today at the Atl airport!

    When the GIANT escalator in the ATL airport broke, I was fit enough to walk up the stairs - and honestly it was the BIGGEST escalator i've EVER been on -WITH my suitcase and BEAT the ppl who rode the escalator! GO ME! Functionally fit! woohoo!
  • vhubervhuber Member Posts: 8,799 Member Member Posts: 8,799 Member
    Glad to have you back Tiff! Super job at rockin the escalator, luggage and all and here is an energy boost cuz girl you are gonna need it! Wow what a schedule but I truly believe in ya! You and that sister are amazing!!!
  • its_Bits_B Member Posts: 491 Member Posts: 491

    So only in for a quick minute, going to go to bed nice and early so that I get up and work hard at the gym! But I just got home from seeing "How to train Your Dragon," for all of you who have kids or have grand babies, or just want to go out, GO SEE IT! IT WAS PHENOMENAL! IT is by far the best animated film I have ever watched, and believe me when I say I watch a ZILLION animated films a year. It beats Shrek, Ice Age, Nemo, all of them, it is by far my new favorite, OH! And go see it in 3D if you can!

    haha that was my little rant, but seriously, go see the movie!
  • bahamomma87bahamomma87 Member Posts: 164 Member Posts: 164
    Feels great to start my new week off with an hour workout with medicine balls ! THEY ARE AWESOME ! I loved the workout ! and my sister in law-to-be ha.... is coming over for a yoga booty jam session when wyatt goes down for his nap ! So that will be 35-40 mins ..... she wants to work out a few days a week ..... in the afternoon.... and i workout monday, tuesday, thursday, saturday & sunday in the morning .... (wednesdays is my grocery day.... and fridays is my playdate day for my son) but im going to try do a mile or two walking AT LEAST on my days off !

    Tiff- yay for having you back ... thats awesome you had a great time in ATL but sorry your dealing with a break-up ! ....

    B- your so cute about your movie rant ! lol .... we dont have movie theaters or i would go see it ! ..... but im so so proud of you for your calorie burning hike ! i agree... better for a change of scenery sometimes..... ! way to go YOU !

    Verda-- Keep the inspiration coming !

    I feel like im in this girls .... for the first time in a longgggggggg time ... im REALLY working hard..... so i dont care what weigh in says tomorrow.... cuz ive only really been in this 101 % since saturday ...... today makes day THREE...... so by next weeks weigh in .... i will probably be showing some results but im gonna weigh in tomorrow with everyone ! anyways !

    be back later !
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