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ShamROCKIN Sixers Week 5



  • chipper15173chipper15173 Member Posts: 4,087 Member Member Posts: 4,087 Member
    off to the grocery store. glad DH still has a job, now when will he start getting a paycheck. i won't eat this stress.
  • bahamomma87bahamomma87 Member Posts: 164 Member Posts: 164
    Cathy -- way to go on the treadmill work ! your doing GREAT !

    Kristin-- aww im sorry you and poor kadence are sick ! that makesyou feel sooooo bad when you are sick and taking care of a sick baby ! praying your all better ASAP !

    Amy --- wow .. im so sorry for your hubbys injury ! they usually do get hurt when they try to be all "manly" huh? lol ! Ill be praying things go great with his recovery .... and for you to keep up with your great workouts while having another "kid" to take care of lol !

    B- IM SO PROUD OF YOU ! keep up the awesome work girl !

    Lorna-- WAY TO GO GIRL ! your doing awesome ! thanks for your support ! the way im working now .... i really think i MAY possibly end this challenge tuesday after next past my goal ! hehe ! ... im working for it! SO PROUD of you for getting out there in the dark and running !

    Sandy -- take it from a country who only has two seasons ... IM LOVING IT hahahahahah ! ...spring & SUMMER ! ..... i cant wait for this heat to start basking into my skin ! lol SAFELY that is lol ... im a total sun-screen junkie lol ! no raisins tomorrow for me hahah ! TOM is visiting me tooo ! BLAH ! lol ...

    Tiff--- you keep up these awesome runs and eating healthy and IT WILL MOVE in the right direction !

    Emmie-- IT WAS VERDA & B's birthday yesterday ! hehe


    I AM SOOOOOOOOO proud of myself.... :drinker: :bigsmile:
    I got up this morning really dragging cuz of TOM :explode: :mad: and i was going to make an excuse and i said Hey im going to get my hair done today ..... why not work out NOW :flowerforyou: ????

    AND I DID THREE MILES of walking/jogging DVD !
    Got my hour workout and a healthy breakfast in !

    i unofficially weighed this morning.... 265.8 !!!!! AHHHHHHHHHH from 270.6 on SATURDAY ! .... Keeping this up and I WILL MAKE MY GOAL ... considering we have till tuesday and the whole LAST WEEK of this challenge....

    LETS SHAMROCK this weight off sixers !
  • kistinbeekistinbee Member Posts: 3,718 Member Member Posts: 3,718 Member
    WOW...I'm sad to report that last night was a FAIL! I had McDonalds fries and a shake for dinner...HORRIBLE!!! But on a brighter note, Kadence and I are both feeling a billion times better!! AND my friend had her baby yesterday!!! I think we are going to go meet her little one tonight! Can't wait!!

    Well...busy day at work today! Have a grea morning all!
  • vhubervhuber Member Posts: 8,792 Member Member Posts: 8,792 Member
    Morning Sixers and THANK YOU for the b-day wishes, it makes turning 51 a whole lot easier!:smile:
    My husband and I drove acrosss MT. to pick up another Semi-truck and 2 four wheelers that he purchased from a private auction and we will head back with them today! i got in my hour P90X workout before I left yesterday then proceeded to eat crud cuz "it was my b-day"! this morning jogging on the treadmill at the hotel was not good due to the fact I ate the crap yesterday but I did do 3.3 miles and got it done! I plan to be home tonite if we have NO problems!
    Good job with eating , drinking and exercising girls!!!
  • its_Bits_B Member Posts: 491 Member Posts: 491
    WOW! Sixers you have all been on the MOVE!!! I can't do all the personals but I will try and do all the updates since I posted my weight yesterday.

    Verda - I am glad to hear that you got to enjoy some yummy food on your birthday!! What do you and your husband do with trailers? (I feel like I should know this) And great work outs! (And again, HAPPY 1 Day past Birthday and HAPPY APRIL FOOLS!!!)

    Kristin - aww Glad to hear you and the little one are feeling better!!! Yay for your friend and her baby for being happy and healthy!!! And Everyone slips up with the fast food occasionally, its okay! You just got to keep on working hard! You have been doing great!!

    Amy! - I THOUGHT OF YOU YESTERDAY!!! I was going to make an excuse to eat something unhealthy, and my mind kind of went, "What Would Amy Do?" WWAD?!?!? lol!!! I did so great on my birthday and it makes me feel even better knowing that you have been doing great too! WE CAN BOTH REACH OUR GOALS FOR THIS CHALLEGE!! I unofficially weighed in this morning at 201!!!! thats a whole pound from yesterday!!! We GOT THIS GIRLIE!!! (and I am sorry bout your hubbies surgery, I am sure everything will turn out okay!)

    cathy - yay for your man! And you got this, there is no need to eat your stresses!!!

    lula- LOL sorry i am giggling at your branch story, BUT OMG YOUR DOING SOOO GREAT!!! Keep up the good work!!!! CONGRATS ON THE LOSS!!!!!!!!!

    Emmie - Have a good trip!!! And it was broth Verda's and I's birthday! We share the same b-day! I think that is sooooo sweet!!!!

    Tiff - YAY for the running your going to shed the pounds! And I LOVED YOUR B-DAY haha WISHES! awesome!!!!

    Sandy- SOOOO jealous of your weather! although MI's weather has been so great this week too!!!

    K so about me... I had an INCREDIBLE b-day, and I cant even type out all the reasons why. I cannot wait for Friday night when my friends are having a b-day party for me, I will have to take a picture or two in my new, SIZE 14 PANTS!!! :P (thats right I went down a pants size! yay me!) haha I am sooo excited.
    I have been eating great, been drinking all my water! and have just been loving life!!

    Well I will be back later sixers!
  • chipper15173chipper15173 Member Posts: 4,087 Member Member Posts: 4,087 Member
    name suggestion.

    "the springing sixers"
  • PedalHoundPedalHound Member Posts: 1,625 Member Member Posts: 1,625 Member
    Hey everyone!

    Kristin, I'm glad you're feeling better. Teething is a toughie, and when YOU'RE not feeling well either!...


    Amy, GOOD FOR YOU. You are doing so great!

    Tamm, I loathe gains but you've got the best attitude out there :heart:

    Cathy, I'm glad to hear the good news!

    Lula, good for you for doing well with your workout!

    Tiff, yay for good days!

    That's what I've got for now :smile:

    I haven't weighed in in DAYS. Partly because I keep on being out to the gym before I have a chance to weigh in the correct conditions and I'm not going to weigh in unless I haven't had any water, etc. I doubt I've lost anything (Verda, I'm sadly with you on the PMS / easter egg debaucle) but I've been at the gym a lot so it's not as bad as it could be. However, I would like my gym time to be PRODUCTIVE and not just staving off gains from complete lack of control with easter candy! Geez...
    But I'm pumped up because yesterday I had another person at the gym see me in the change room and we got into a conversation and she was saying that they would "love to have me on the team" and saying how well I do in the classes. The other day an instructor came up to me after BodyPump and asked me if I used to teach it. lol There's a workshop in May for a new class that is being launched here and the woman who spoke with me yesterday encouraged me to get my cert before then so they can take me with them. I'm feelin' the LOVE! hehehe

    We're camping this weekend so I won't be on but I had to check in! xo KEEP IT UP LADIES! and Cathy, I love the suggestion of "springing sixers"

  • bahamomma87bahamomma87 Member Posts: 164 Member Posts: 164

    Rhiannon-- HEY GIRL !

    B- Awwwwww my hubby didnt get surgery girlie.... i think that was amy(pyr) ...... and WOOHOOO for us doing so great ! i know i saw 265 this morning .... so i cant imagine what tuesdays weigh in will say ! and my goal for this challenge is 262 .... and WOOHOO on the pants size !

    Got my hair done today .... and going for a mini-shoot for hitting 265 :)

    be back laterz
  • gonabfitgonabfit Member Posts: 712 Member Member Posts: 712 Member
    Just dropping by! Ran TWICE TODAY TOO!!! GOOOOO MEEE! Today I did 7 miles in all. :-D Very tired now. May try doing crunches later. :-) Burned like 1100 cals today!

    p.s. I have been running BEFORE school and then again when I get home. If it keeps being super hot I may just run in the am and do a video in the afternoon because I was SOOOO thirsty on my afternoon run!
    Ok gotta shower and study!

    So proud of all of you sixers!
  • bahamomma87bahamomma87 Member Posts: 164 Member Posts: 164
    Changed my profile pic ! STARTING TO FEEL like myself ! YAY !
  • drtammdrtamm Member Posts: 427 Member Posts: 427
    Lula- Good job on meeting your goal. Fitness where you can FIT it in! YAY

    Cathy- Love the new motivational picture!

    Amy (Baha)- Love the new picture and the confidence. Go girlie! YAY. You are going to keep removing that weight I can tell

    Tiff- You are a running machine. So what are you trying to ERASE this time. LOL

    Rhiannon- Weighing in sometimes can be for the birds. Best wishes and thanks for the kind words

    Hey Sixers! Sorry it takes me so long to respond to you all. I'm having mini stress sessions daily but I'm sticking to eating healthy and working out. Trying to fight back that cortisol. It kills my results but I'm gonna win anyway! Today I did an amazing class. Then I followed it up with weights!! YAY. Off to rest. Off for a few days. More chats to come.

    Have a good evening!

  • lulabellewoowoolulabellewoowoo Member Posts: 3,125 Member Member Posts: 3,125 Member
    Morning all!

    I think my brain is more ready for good weather than my body. I have been extremely accident prone for the past couple of days. Two days ago, my daughter accidentally ran over my left ankle with a shopping which resulted in embarrassing pain and pretty near rolling on the floor in Target. Then yesterday with the whole getting bit by a branch while running. Yesterday, took my girl and her friends for a walk, telling them to be careful by the stream, and I ended up falling on my right side hard (they described it as a THUD rather than a slide). But fortunately, after two hours of rolling skating last night with them (I might be getting a little old for that as is evidenced by my inability to deal with stairs this morning), I didn't fall. But when I was taking a shower last night and shaving my legs, I realized I look like a battered wife with all the bruises my legs and arms are covered with and a slightly black eye. Bring it on Spring.

    Have to get to personals later as my fingers have now cramps up :)

    Have a wonderful Friday everyone.
  • chipper15173chipper15173 Member Posts: 4,087 Member Member Posts: 4,087 Member
    oh my lula maybe you better stay in bed under the covers for a day. i know what you can tell people... "this is what happens when you fall off the diet and exercise runs over your behind"......

    treadmill done, 3 cups water down.

    going to dollar store and goodwill, looking for bikes for the girls to keep here.
  • kistinbeekistinbee Member Posts: 3,718 Member Member Posts: 3,718 Member
    "Springing Sixers" sounds good to me!

    Busy day for me...I'll check back when I can!
  • bahamomma87bahamomma87 Member Posts: 164 Member Posts: 164
    Hey sixers....
    Happy good friday !!!!!

    We spent the morning out on the ocean... with Wyatt hanging onto me for DEAR LIFE ! lol his first time in the boat .... was not too thrilled hahahah ! but we got some great pics when the boat was anchored !

    I actually saw 264.4 this morning but im not weighing in officially till tuesday ! tomorrow will make ONE WEEK of eating and working out healthy ! and last saturday i saw 270.6 so its a GREAT IMPROVEMENT ya think?!?! lol

    LAterz girls
  • chipper15173chipper15173 Member Posts: 4,087 Member Member Posts: 4,087 Member
    just switched out the winter for summer clothes.

    OH MY GOSH not a full closet this summer. need to snap back into it. so far so good.
  • chipper15173chipper15173 Member Posts: 4,087 Member Member Posts: 4,087 Member
    good morning....
  • its_Bits_B Member Posts: 491 Member Posts: 491
    Hey sixers! i am sorry i have been AWALL but i am back!!! i havent been to the gym since i met with my trainer :( but i have been really great about staying under calories too! and i havent just been sitting around. my bday party was last night, i had such an incredible time!!! seriously awesome!!! i did drop my phone off a 2nd story patio in downtown ann arbor, and it totally still works! haha well i am at work but i promise i will b on more after this week is over tomorrow!
  • drtammdrtamm Member Posts: 427 Member Posts: 427
    Hey Sixers! I'm back on my original computer and I'm loving it! Lets hope it will last me a few more months until things are more settled in my life. Can you believe that I am actually still trying to focus on my fitness goals and nutrition goals in all this craziness? I know why I am .... I've made it such a part of my everyday life, it feels weird not to drink water or find workout time. Now the scale is still being ugly to me but I'm ready to keep trying!

    Lula- I'm sorry accidents keep finding you. Things will get better. I think I would have rolled in the floor too!

    Cathy- I'm glad you are using your treadmill. I see that you got it all together. Good job I'm so happy for you! :)

    B!- Glad you had fun and your phone is a trooper. LOL

    Amy - You are doing more than I would have tried. LOL.

    Kristin- Hope you are feeling better

    Well I'm off to pay some bills and retur n things to the store and then see my childhood best friend. ttyl

    Love ya,

  • chipper15173chipper15173 Member Posts: 4,087 Member Member Posts: 4,087 Member
    garden in the ground.....
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