Anyone else suffer from Binge eating?



  • I DO ! but i'm really trying to be as healthy as possible atm
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    I used to suffer from binging and I found that when I stopped eating carbohydrates other than fruits/vegetables and stopped drinking caffeine/alcohol my binging went away. I used to be able to eat an entire bag of pita chips in one sitting or an entire box of cereal etc -- it was pretty scary, but I realized it was mainly from carbs and things that would impair my judgment around carbs. I'd recommend going Primal ( for more info) -- it should really help you out I think.
  • yes, and yes! its horrible for me, i know i do it way too often. yesterday i had egg white omelet for breakfast, a salad for lunch, chicken breast sandwich for dinner....then with only an hour or so to go before bed and the end of a successful day, someone ordered pizza. ok, well once slice wont hurt, ok, well have two becuase i can stop. i am in control of this. ok well, one more slice wont hurt, and then another, and another. now the day has been ruined, again.....but since this is the last day of eating like this, let me top it off with about 800 more calories of candy....... typical for me. i hope yesterday WAS my last day of it.
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    This is what has helped me:

    Log it all...make yourself look at it

    Don't keep "bingey" food in the house

    Have planned snacks and snack time

    Overall reduction in carbs...more protein more good fats...what carbs I do get are primarily fruits, vegetables, and whole grains. Eat nutritionally dense foods that keep you feeling full longer.

    Plan your meals and snacks for the week in advance and grocery shop once/week...keep that "bingey" stuff out of your shopping cart.

    Carry a more sensible calorie deficit that is sustainable and doesn't leave you with those hunger pangs.

    If you must binge, binge on vegetables.
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    I highly recommend the book "Brain over Binge", it helped me a lot.
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    I've started binge eating during recovery from my eating disorder. From one ED to another - life's never simple! Although I can't be of any help to you, I do wish you - and all the others - the strength to overcome this soul destroying battle.
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    Bump for later! I so relate
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    Hello, often times binging is a result of emotional eating. What makes most of us feel better? CARBS :frown: I never binged after eating a nice salad with some grilled chicken :laugh: So I found for myself that when I can cut out White foods such as flour, sugar, salt and rice, I do NOT have urges to binge, also, when I eat several small meals per day, helps to avoid being so hungry that you eat everything in sight. Of course THAT takes pre-planning, but I figure I'M worth it, so I usually plan my food for the next day, the day before. I log it on MFP and I try to stay with it, of course I can adjust it if needed, but for the most part, it takes away that "what am I going to eat" dilemma. Good luck to ALL of us :flowerforyou:
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    I'd do it too. I haven't fallen off the wagon yet. But its been a short time since I started this new phase in my life. I never actually admitted to myself it was binge eating either before. With all the tracking and such i am doing now, I went and logged a somewhat typical last day representing the before. We're talking the no breakfast, maybe a lunch if I brought one to work, then evening rolls around... Bag of candy, a couple pop, mars bar or two... Not even tasting it.. Just constantly stuffing face... The exercise I managed just made it so I wasn't really gaining any more from the carnage. Is that common for others? The no time to eat day, with the binge evening and night?

    But much support and love to anyone getting out of that dilemma, so far so good... and the weights coming off. But I really think that a big part of fighting it, is to make sure you log everything when you binge. At least be internally honest and consistent with yourself. It was really hard to wake up and realize that I probably had an eating disorder, especially being male.

    But it's been a good week so far :)
  • Reading everyone's stories of binge eating is so reassuring. I think creating an online support group is needed for many of us.

    I am in therapy for my binge eating. I am on the tail end of this horrific cycle of anorexia to bulimia to now binge eating. I didn't realize this is a common cycle until "What Not To Wear's" Stacy London came out with her eating disorder past recently. I've gained 10 pounds in under two months, which cannot be healthy.

    My husband died unexpectedly two years ago. I lost about 40 pounds in 8 months while grieving-or as I put it- avoiding greiving (5'8", 146lbs to 106 lbs). Family memebers were frightend and told me to "eat." I took them seriously. After binges I would exercise like a mad woman to work off the thousands of calories just consumed. I've overcome the exercise bulimia, but now struggle with 3-4 times a week, 5000+ calorie binges. I hit the trail mix, raw almonds and jars of nut butters hard and fast.

    We are filling an emotional void with our binges. Maybe it's control issues. Stress. Boredome. Loneliness. Whatever we are struggling with, we need to realize food will never solve the problem. Easier said than done ????
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    Sadly, I am still a frequent binger. I still have yet to make it a week, but I'm still trying to work on it. It mainly just comes from boredom and stress, some bouts of depression, but nothing too major. Plus the Holidays doesn't help too. Try looking into some self soothing like reading a book, hot bath, cup of coffee or tea, deep breathing exercises, walk/workout, anything to keep your mind of it. I am in therapy, but not doing it often..and I should. Self help binge books is also great. I'm looking into a lot of Genenne Roths books. Good luck..add me if you wish to. :happy:
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    I am logging everything - it makes me sick to look at it, but it has to be done. I need to see the true extent of it to be able to fix it.
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    Oh yeah, forgot one of my major triggers, one I deal with most of the year. Allergies. I think it's because they make me feel tired and weak and I confuse that sensation with needing to eat.
  • I binge terribly. I mean I can easily eat 3-5k worth of ****ty calories per day without a problem.
    Classic binge, feel terrible, binge cycle.
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    Ive been on this site for 14 months now. Every single month I lose about 5lbs, then I get PMS or TOM and will gain that 5lb back again. Then the next month I lose the 5lb again and just start feeling good about myself, then my hormones change, I get PMS and eat more than i should and gain it all over again! Its a never ending cycle. It doesnt matter how much I exercise or how much willpower I have, I always gain that weight back. Any help or motivation would be fab!!

    Are there any other PMS binge eaters out there? Feel free to add me, needing some support from like minded people!!
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    Reading everyone's stories of binge eating is so reassuring. I think creating an online support group is needed for many of us.

    --Anybody have ideas on how to create the online support group? Do we want just another thread named as "B.E.D. Support Group"?
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    I went back into treatment for purging type anorexia last year, and a few months ago I started binge eating, I don't really have any advice, I just hope there can be a way out of this for all of us.
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    Absolutely. Binge eating has been my biggest problem with weight loss. It is so difficult to control myself sometimes. I get to the point where If I don't stuff myself, I almost have anxiety attacks. I go for anything heavy, bread, meat, cheese, high sugar foods. Then when I do have these 2000 cal binges, I feel disgusting and want to give up. It is so frustrating. I would love to learn how not to be afraid of food and my appetite.
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    It is a hateful vicious circle, and so hard to break!
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    My binges are the reason I climbed up to nearly 400lbs. I would be open to being accountable to avoiding daily binges and trigger foods. This addiction is so hard to battle it's litterally a minute by minute, meal by meal thing.

    If we can make it one day and then the next we have succeeded.