Recovering from tonsilectomy but want to exercise

Hi all, I'm on Day 10 recovering from getting tonsils out at grand age of 42, they still hurt but I need to get back to gym, I want to do some light exercise that wont make me pant and hurt my throat, any ideas or should I just wait until I'm fully recovered ?


  • cNhobbes
    cNhobbes Posts: 235 Member
    oh god you poor thing. i got mine out in my late 20s and it was absolutely miserable. i was in bed for 1.5 weeks and then VERY weak from not eating and being in bed. my personal advice (for what it's worth) is to just go for a walk around your neighborhood. before you get tired, turn around and go home. your body is weak from recovering and you don't want to tax it anymore than it already is. good luck!
  • laserturkey
    laserturkey Posts: 1,680 Member
    I'd follow whatever advice your doctor gives you on this one. There's no sin in resting after a surgery.