New Friends,Slim in 6 Buddy, & Motivation!!!

I am starting slim in 6 again and I am looking for someone to buddy with or just a little motivation. I find it so hard to stick to this program, It is a little boring but I know I can do it with support,. I did this program back in 2007 and lost 20 pounds. I only made it to week 4... I know I know I was so close. But once I hit that 20 pound mark I quit. and the repetition got to me. I want to see this program through this time. I owe it to myself. :flowerforyou:


  • slowturtle1
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    I don't think I was really ready to commit to regular exercise when I first tried the program, and I was very out of shape and overweight. I think I gave up about the same place you did (4 weeks or so). It is a little boring, and her voice makes me want to hurt someone, but it is a good workout. I do it now when I can't get outside and run or ride. I'd like to try to finish it once just to say I did. Maybe you can motivate me! :happy: Good luck with the program and with MFP!
  • Cori_Mac
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    I have been doing Slim in 6 for a couple of weeks now, but not to the extent suggested. I do Ramp it up about 4 times a week, and occasionally the extra ab workout. I do my own stretching routines, really taking the time I need to stretch out the pain LOL

    Please feel free to add me!
  • I tried slim in 6 myself, and I must admit was very bored. I think I did like a week or so then wasn't amped to wake up and press play.

    I'm currently doing Chalean Extreme and loving it! Feel free to add me :)
  • kabel4892
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    I'll be your buddy! we can do it!
  • BalenciaLynn
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    Im currently using the slim in six program as well.
    Feel free to add me as i just started :)
  • Just starting this whole thing. Need motivation and own Slim in 6 and going to do that in combo with a few days at my gym... Anyone posting or looking here can add me, new member so need support/friends anyways :-)
  • kimberly702
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    Just started Slim in 6 this morning and I LOVE it! Did the start it up and slim and limber, and I was pleasently surprised. Feel free to add me!
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    I will be starting in January (or possibly 12/31 since it's a Monday). After that I'll do Brazil Butt Lift. I'd love friends that are doing the same program :-) I'd like to see your posts about your Slim in 6 progress :-)
  • itsjustdawn
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    I'm actually starting a 30 day challenge in January for accountability if anyone is interested. I personally will be doing Slim in 6 as my daily workout program. If you're interested send me a message :-)
  • Blown_Away1
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    Hi, I have slim n 6 too and cant stick with it either. I did the whole thing back in 2000 to rehab myself. Worked fantastic!! I was thinking about doing it again before I start Les Mills Combat. You can add me, anyone can. Motivation is how we all get there
  • AnnaNoel_21
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    I've got slim in 6 and want to start back. Feel free to add me.
  • jabberjaws77
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    I did it a few months ago & I think I quit too right around the 4th week. I did lose 9lbs that month & have managed to keep it off. I was eating 1500-1700 calories/day as well.
    I too, would really like to do it from start to finish. I am planning on starting back up tomorrow but I only workout 3-4 times/week.
    I try to workout every other day. I have 4 dogs & a 2 yr old so I get a workout everyday just with
    It is a great workout! A little boring yes, but it gets the job done, & that to me, is what counts. Please feel free to add me, I'd love to have some workout buddies to help with support/motivation! :)
  • phoebeleb
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    Hi everyone! I am starting Slim in 6 on 12/31 (being a Monday) and would love to join in a group for motivation and encouragement! I did the program several years ago too and excited to do a repeat of it to start out the new year! Would love workout buddies :-)
  • geecee77
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    I am planning (finally) to start Slim in 6 next week.

    As a pretty unfit 52 year old, I am planning to stick with stage one until I can do it with the resistance band, then move one to the next level and do the same.

    If there is a group on here I'd be happy to join :)
  • phoebeleb
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    I just started a new topic for anyone who would like to join me in motivation and encouragement for each other on their "Slim in 6" program--it's "Daily "I did it' for Slim in 6"...
  • phoebeleb
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    Looks like there is already a group! it's called "Slim in 6 2013" Sounds good!! :-)
  • I am doing Slim in 6 now too. I would love some buddies for motivation!
  • Hi all:

    I did Slim in 6 several years ago, and it worked great! I just decided to do it this morning and remembered why I like it so much! I'm trying to find exercise options that I can work into my schedule. I work from home full-time as well as taking care of my almost three-year-old son, so this seems like a good option! I started my journey in September, wanting to lose 75 lb. I lost 21 using my fitness pal until the holidays derailed me a bit and I have regained 6 lb. I'm ready to get back in the right direction!
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    Hi All! I would also like some buddies for the Slim in 6 workout also - feel free to add me. Today will be my 3rd day on the Ramp it Up dvd. Those butt exercises are really kicking my butt! I have lost weight with the series so far so I'm going to push through and hopefully slim down! I need some motivation and support to make it through the rest of the workout. Would love to hear from other people using this routine also!
  • Hi All!!

    I'm also looking for some buddies for the Slim in 6 workout. Today is my day 6 of Start It Up dvd. The first few days soreness was terrible, but now I feel great. I've lost 2 pounds since I began the program and also my clothes fit much better.
    I've heard it can get boring (doing the same dvd day after day surely is definitely boring) and I need some motivation and support to make it through the rest of the workout.