Anyone use MapMyRun?

So, apparently I had signed up in January 2012 and completely forgot I did, so I am browsing the site/app, and cannot figure it out. I get the basics (run and it maps your routes), however, is it pretty interactive with other users? Just curious. What do you think of it? Thanks!


  • eAddict
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    I used it for nearly 4 months then dropped it. Then I moved to EndoMondo but dropped it cause it didn't work well with Pandora in the background. Now I use Sports Tracker. I would like to say I have a lot of experience with it but due to a recent injury my exercise has come to halt. I guess as weather AND I improve I will add more detail/information.
  • jellybird
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    I use it and like it a lot.
  • k_pattie
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    I used Map My Run when I was training for a half marathon last spring and I still use it when I go on runs now - though am getting back into training for a half so I'll be using it more! I really love it. I like that it tracks all of my routes and my average times, it helped me out a lot when trying to figure out where I need to improve. One of my friends is on the cross country team where I went to undergrad and she said she and all of her teammates use Map My Run during their training as well!
  • meghannrenee
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    I used it during marathon training - I liked the hourly updates and that I could access my routes later.

    One thing to keep in mind - it (like most other GPS's) is a little inaccurate when giving you your final distance. This is not horribly pronounced until you get up to 10+ miles. I used it when I ran the marathon (portland maine marathon on 9/30/12) and by the end it was more than 2 miles off. I think it was telling me I'd ran something like 28.7 or something like that instead of the 26.2 or so that the course was measured at. Not a big deal if you map your runs out ahead of time, but something to be aware of.

    I'm planning to use it when I start training again in February.
  • rlmiller73190
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    I LOVE this app! they've done a lot of updates to it since I first started using it, but it's wonderful. It minimizes the volume of your music to tell you your time, pace, and distance. You can choose which increments you want it to talk to you at, if you want split times or average pace, and so many other things! It has a nutrition section, which I don't use because I use the MFP app, but it's nice that it's still there.