xmas gain- do you update your ticker?



  • TriedEverything
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    Last year, I put mine back to zero in January, as the weight gain was so bad! :embarassed: Not sure what I'll do this year - we have one more social event tonight, then I will have to think about weighing myself (which I haven't done for about a month!).

    Interesting to see what everyone else does. I think I might go with the people who say they wait a week or two, and then update it! But I'll definitely weigh myself so that I know in my mind what I'm dealing with. Judging by the feel of my clothes, it will not be good news! :frown:
  • SurfyFriend
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    I find that updating both losses and gains helps so when you compare the weight report with the net calories report. It shows how the two are related and also remember in the near future that you are not plateauing for many weeks but is reflective of temporary circumstances.
  • tadpole242
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    so during christmas, i ate and was merry!! It was definately worth it however in 2 weeks i put on 7lb..doh!! i am hoping at least a little bit is water weight but i reckon the majority isnt lol!! my question for everyone in the same boat- would you adjust your ticker to show this gain or leave it? im in 2 minds about what to do!
    I didn't gain (I lost .5lb so of course I logged that)
  • crybaby1216
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    I did this morning 6 pounds I gained since November :( but back on track now
  • dad106
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    I've never updated my ticker when I gained.. mainly because there are so many factors involved, that it could be almost anything.

    I'd give it a week, and if it sticks around then I'd up date it... but until then, i'd leave it.
  • chocl8girl
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    Eh, I tend to lose a few pounds, then keep losing and gaining the same two pounds over and over before it finally goes down again, so I only ever record when there is a true loss. Since I didn't really overindulge this holiday, I didn't have to record a gain, since I actually ended up losing 2 pounds in the past few weeks, but if it goes up less than 2 pounds, I don't bother to record it. I've been lucky enough that since I started seriously losing weight, I have only once gained more than 2 pounds back at a time. If it were more than 2 pounds, I probably would record it.
  • If it is legit gain and not just water weight I would change it. In years past any weight I gained during the holidays was gone in two or three days so I didn't log an increase. Had it stuck around then I would have adjusted my weight.
  • mustdothis40
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    I will update my ticker on Friday, which is my usual weigh in day. The good, the bad, and the ugly. Ha!
  • caitlyn30
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    I do not. I just get it back off. I go up and down every day, so It would say I am losing pounds every other day. (which would be the same pounds over and over).
  • caegem
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    Set mine right back to ZERO............New year new start!:noway:
  • JessyJ03
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    I say yes to keep yourself on it. You did the damage now own up to it!
  • kelly_e_montana
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    I reset but I'm only up 2 pounds now, so that's not so bad, I guess. It was worth it.
  • beancurdie
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    I did. I gained it and now I have to lose it.
  • stetienne
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    yep...and I went from maintenance mode back into the weight loss category. Oh well, I was getting tired of eating all those calories anyway :)
  • venturaroo
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    I updated mine. Will feel great when it goes down again :smile:
  • Queen_Adrock
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    I updated mine today. Gained 2.4 pounds...hoping that it's mostly water retention because I didn't eat THAT much extra! Felt a little sad seeing the weight loss number go down, but then told myself it'll be quite easy to get rid of. In the grand scheme of everything, 2.4 is nothing!
  • babyblooz
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    I tend to leave it the heck alone. :wink:
  • Dawnhasajeep
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    yes I updated.
  • ChadB74
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    IMO you should update your weight once a week (up or down)
  • Pepper2185
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    I'm skipping my weigh in this week, but if I'm up any pounds next week, I'll update my ticker.

    Yeah I should be honest, blah blah blah.

    Im still motivated to eat healthy and exercise, a week in the grand scheme of things isn't a big deal to me.