My first NSV!

nc805397 Posts: 223 Member
Hi everyone! I am posting a mini-success story because I am kinda pumped about this. I have lost 30 lbs since May (9 lbs since joining MFP in December 2012). In May 2012 I weighed in at 232 (my heaviest) and I am now 202. I need to lose another 40 pounds still (so no pics yet, but hopefully in 6 months, or less!) but I am excited about this NSV so I just wanted to share :)

I have been able to feel my collar bone for quite some time (month or so) but today I COULD SEE IT! :D it's been hiding inside me for like 4 years :D just thought I'd share!


  • Marieevans813
    Marieevans813 Posts: 45 Member
    Great job on your weight loss! I remember how exciting it is to see your collar bone!! Congrats, and I wish you the best in the remainder of your journey.
  • Project_Jodie
    Congratulations on the weight loss :)

    Sorry for my ignorance but I keep seeing NSV?? What is NSV???!!!!

  • nc805397
    nc805397 Posts: 223 Member
    NSV = non-scale victory. I had to ask the same thing a week ago :P
  • EricInArlington
    EricInArlington Posts: 557 Member
    people (skinny people) don't understand how something so small like this can make our day, I remember the first time I saw my collar bone, hip bones and being able to lay down without my stomach being higher then my chest bone and my fav being able to tie my shoes without holding my breath : ) nice NSV!!!
  • amypomm
    amypomm Posts: 140 Member
    Good job. Ive also lost 30+ pounds since May.
  • pattydi
    pattydi Posts: 55 Member
    congratulations! It's so exciting to see the small changes in your body as you begin to lose more and more weight.. I'll always remember my first NSV>>> I was able to get up from sitting in a lawn chair, and not have the chair stick to my butt as I stood! LOL!
    best of luck to you! and many more NSV's to come!:happy:
  • lucy529
    lucy529 Posts: 127 Member
    Great Job!!! I am finally feeling mine and keep checking every morning or when I pass a mirror to see if I can see it too LOL little things that cheer us up and motivate us to keep going.
  • Cookie563
    Cookie563 Posts: 1 Member
    I have lost 58 lbs. since June 6, 2012. It's not an easy task, you have to always work at it.
  • nc805397
    nc805397 Posts: 223 Member
    thanks everyone! I know eh?! The little things like this make me happy! they will eventually add up to big changes :) whoot!
  • fruity2
    fruity2 Posts: 66 Member
    That is great news. Am happy for you. I'll look forward to you keeping us posted.
  • elisa123gal
    elisa123gal Posts: 4,306 Member
    Great thread. For me.. I see my face looking more like "me" when i lose weight. Does anyone else feel that way?
  • mkcmurphy
    mkcmurphy Posts: 437 Member
    Great job! Keep up the good woork!
  • 6mimi
    6mimi Posts: 1,439 Member
    Congrats! Your hard work is really paying off! Wishing you continued great health in 2013!
  • crazybookworm
    crazybookworm Posts: 779 Member
    Congrats, that is amazing!!

    And I've been at my goal weight for a while now and I still love looking at my collar bone! :tongue: I don't think I'll ever stop looking at it haha
  • astheygrowup
    astheygrowup Posts: 188 Member
    That's awesome!! I wish you continued success for the upcoming year!!
  • rousehouse
    rousehouse Posts: 133 Member
    Congratulations! That's awesome. Keep going!
  • kittenbobitten
    kittenbobitten Posts: 199 Member
    Great job! Congratulations!!
  • Jennifer076
    Jennifer076 Posts: 275 Member
    That is fabulous. Keep up the great work.
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