The biggest loser question...

How is it possible that they lose so much weight in a week? I feel like I'm doing something wrong when I see their massive losses. Anyone know what the deal is with that?


  • They work out 4-6 hours a day.
  • DopeItUp
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    Yes. Plus it's all fake anyway. Some of the "weeks" are actually two weeks, for example. It's reality TV, don't believe anything on that show.
  • AEFidgets
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    It's not real life!
  • NatashaShen
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    Quit your job and move into the gym. BAM! There ya go.
  • ubermensch13
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    Any "reality" show that lists the "writers" in the credits....isn't.....real!
  • Rayman79
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    Quit your job and move into the gym. BAM! There ya go.

    ... don't forget starving yourself on 1000 cals per day at the same time!
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    Google. Their program is all there.
    4-6 hours a day of working out HARD
    And yes they're on Super low calorie diets.
    Dr.s standing by every minute.
    Health stats checked every day.
    Water Water Water
    Besides they're morbidly obese.
    The first pounds come off very quickly.
  • I had never watched the show before and was shocked! I guess I didn't pay attention to the credits at the end!
  • Mighty_Rabite
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    Water weight plays a pretty big role, as do the conditions of the contestants and the aforementioned cases of when one week in the season is actually two weeks in real life.
  • mz_asher
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    They also spend all their time in the gym for many hours a day.
  • AnvilHead
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    As others have said:

    1) Their "weeks" are often two weeks or more.

    2) Extreme caloric deficits.

    3) Extreme workouts.

    4) Extreme water manipulation tactics (dehydration) before weigh-ins to maximize (temporary/not real) weight loss.

    5) Extreme obesity in the contestants, for whom initial weight loss is much faster.

    Notice all the "Extreme" references? What they're doing isn't safe or reasonable for "normal" people ("normal" as in not being on a reality show, living isolated from the obligations and stresses of every day life, with doctors and nutritionists on staff 24 hours a day.)
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    Quit your job and move into the gym. BAM! There ya go.

    This. Losing weight is their full time job during the show. It is all they do.
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    When you're 300 lbs, working out ALL THE TIME, and eating a very restricted diet its "easy" to lose 7-10 lbs.
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    Quit your job and move into the gym. BAM! There ya go.


    Don't get me wrong I enjoy watching TBL for the most part, but it's anything but a reality show. The contestants don't have the constraints of work, school, or taking care of their families while trying to lose weight. And granted there's a lot behind the scenes that we don't see, but it seems like little time is spent preparing contestants for post-ranch life when they will have to balance their new lifestyle with all the pressures and distractions in the real world. That's why you see so many past contestants regain significant weight.

    It's good to watch TBL for inspiration and motivation, but do it with a grain of salt.