fit into my size 14 (US 12) jeans today!

karenjoy Posts: 1,840 Member
I am very pleased with myself, am able to fit comfortably in my 'old' jeans and don't look like a stuffed sausage. Just wanted to share my little success :-)


  • MystAKAlKonceit
    MystAKAlKonceit Posts: 14 Member
    Congrats =) Talk about motivation to keep going! ♥ Even better if they were ur favs! Have a great day TGIF =)
  • StaceG1986
    StaceG1986 Posts: 350
    Yay! Well done you! :drinker:

    I put my UK 18's on the other day and fit into them comfortably! :happy:
  • raqattack8
    Awesome work that's fantastic.. i can't wait to fit into my goal and favourite jeans... Poets day.. (piss off early tomorrow's saturday) lol.. =)
  • loonpine2
    loonpine2 Posts: 44 Member
  • kwardklinck
    kwardklinck Posts: 1,601
    It's the little successes that keep us motivated. Soon you'll be having to buy new clothes cuz those won't fit anymore :)
  • byHISstrength
    byHISstrength Posts: 984 Member
    That's great! And Kwardklinck is right it is those little successes that keep us motivated. I am now fitting comfortablely in all of my size 14's and yesterday I even wore a pair of capris that I have never been able to wear. What a great feeling.
  • kimberly428
    kimberly428 Posts: 237
    Good job!!!
  • nikkolatwell
    Congratulation : ) I was able to do this too for the first time this morning, Brand new jeans from Christmas 2008 I didn't have the heart to return them (my husband bought them for me) and they were so cute. I tried them 2 weeks ago and got them on but not comfortable : ( This morning they slid on like they were made for me. Granted they are not size 12, more like 18, but this is progress and I am out of the 20s YEAH!!!!!!!

    Today will be a good day : )
  • sazziecee
    sazziecee Posts: 143
    Well done Karen :)

    I am in some size UK 12 "boyfriend jeans" today and even with a belt there is a big gap at the waist, woop

    Don't think I have lost quite enough to get into a 10 though, I seem to stay at the inbetween stage for ages, lol x
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