What Do You Do?



  • pawnstarNate
    pawnstarNate Posts: 1,728 Member
    Pawnshop owner....Bring me your gold please and thank you! :)
  • Mustang_Susie
    Mustang_Susie Posts: 7,045 Member
  • bikermike5094
    bikermike5094 Posts: 1,752 Member
    Deputy Disbursing Officer for the Air Force Financial Services Center.
  • darkguardian419
    darkguardian419 Posts: 1,302 Member
    Submarine Communications Electronics Technician, currently working on shore doing advanced submarine maintenance planning.
  • lucypeaks
    lucypeaks Posts: 96 Member
    teaching assistant 5 mornings a week,mummy to a beautiful 2 year old girlie and wifey to a wonderful man :)
  • skylark94
    skylark94 Posts: 2,036 Member
    Stay at home mom at for now. Hoping to go back to school for a nutrition degree soon. I'm not cut out to be a housewife.
  • Lalouse
    Lalouse Posts: 221 Member
    public health and criminal justice researcher
    I teach in a local college on the side
  • beckyboop712
    beckyboop712 Posts: 383 Member
    Professional money beggar (aka fundraising professional for a non-profit)
  • Angel37615
    Angel37615 Posts: 87 Member
    Healthcare Food Service General Manager
  • Network Design Engineer
  • Sox90716
    Sox90716 Posts: 976 Member
    Sheriff's Office Detective.
  • HappyNinjaStar
    HappyNinjaStar Posts: 353 Member
    Doomsday engineer
  • NurseandMom1981
    NurseandMom1981 Posts: 101 Member
    Quality Assurance Nurse for a large Federally Funded Health Care Clinic
  • the_journeyman
    the_journeyman Posts: 1,877 Member
    Teacher (with that comes substitute bus driver, soccer & track coach)

  • LowFatMama
    LowFatMama Posts: 625 Member
    Secretary at a Middle School :wink:
  • Siekobilly
    Siekobilly Posts: 401 Member
    Quality Assurance Specialist. I test digital radiography devices and the software they integrate with for the Dental, Oral Maxillofacial, and Orthodontic markets.

    I radiate things.
  • the_journeyman
    the_journeyman Posts: 1,877 Member
    Secretary at a Middle School :wink:

    That's the grade levels I teach! Interesting age group you can say!

  • venturaroo
    venturaroo Posts: 84 Member
    Human Resources Specialist for a private boarding high school. Want to know what Tom Hanks son had for lunch? :happy:
  • leishamaree
    leishamaree Posts: 62 Member
    Well, I'm a trained Chef & Radio Announcer....... But I'm currently an Executive Assistant with the local government...... :-(
  • Office Goddess at a motorcycle dealership. Yup, I'm cool. (And, no, I don't ride a motorcycle.) :)