iPhone apps?

We just rearranged some of our furniture so now my treadmill faces a wall instead of the TV. I figured it was ok because I have a cool little iPhone cradel on the TM, so I thought I could just stream TV shows from apps like NBC or CBS. I've found some that work ok, but I was wondering if anyone else has favorite FREE apps they watch while on the treadmill? (not looking for treadmill trainers, just entertaining stuff). I saw one app that makes it kinda look like you're running through scenic areas but each different scene was $7.99, but I'd be interested in similar ones that are cheaper.


  • jhughes3155
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  • NobodyInParticular
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    Do you have Netflix, Hulu or HBO?
  • ozerion
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    Netflix and Amazon FTW.

    Yes there is a monthly fee Netflix but they have a great selection.

    If you are already prime with Amazon then you get a large library there as well at no additional cost (above Prime)
  • LaurasClimb
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    Crackle, YouTube, Netflix
  • dan_IRL
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    Add HBOGo to the list
  • Snowbunny95
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    Ditch the treadmill and go outside! I know it is cold - bundle up. Outside is 1,000,000 times better than a treadmill. I dread my run when I know it is going to be on a treadmill.

    Whatever you choose - keep running!

    For music on the run, I use Pandora - granted I have unlimited data and pay yearly for the Pandora, but I sure get my money's worth out of it!
  • OspreyVista
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    I agree with the running outside. However, if you really prefer the treadmill, I suggest Youtube if you want something free. I love youtube. :) Also if you have Netflix, you should be able to use that on your iPhone. I also love Netflix :) I actually do some HIIT training while I'm watching/listening to shows on Netflix, and I find it a great way to have fun and get a workout in at the same time, and I don't sit on my *kitten* while watching my shows! So yeah, Netflix for $8 a month, or YouTube for free :)