whats in your fridge?



  • Wynterbourne
    Wynterbourne Posts: 2,068 Member
    1. A tub of mixed greens.
    2. Tomatoes.
    3. A jug of water.

    You aren't supposed to store tomatoes in the fridge.. ruins their flavor.

    OP said it could be your fridge or your cupboard.
  • Wynterbourne
    Wynterbourne Posts: 2,068 Member
    1. Diet Soda (Don't go there :tongue: )
    2. Onions
    3. Black Beans
  • Babeskeez
    Babeskeez Posts: 606 Member
    What ISNT in there? Ugggh. I need to clean the effer out.

    But my main 3 staples are:

    Green Onions

    Do I have to pick just three!? :sad:
  • skcardiog
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    Always have these 3 in the fridge at all times:

    Light bulb


    Temp gauge
  • Rayman79
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    Thanks for the reminder I'm out of two of my 'must haves' (eggs and greek yoghurt) and need to go past the shop on the way home :bigsmile: .

    The other things that are ALWAYS in the fridge are skim milk and fresh vegetables.
  • samantha1242
    samantha1242 Posts: 816 Member
    Greek yogurt, red bell peppers and natural peanut butter.
  • Mcgrawhaha
    Mcgrawhaha Posts: 1,598 Member
    my stuff...
    calorie countdown 2% milk
    diet root beer

    kids stuff...
    top ramen
    oh, and peanut butter... kinda... well, theres always an empty one in there... my son goes through an entire jar every 2 days... im not kidding...
  • samantha1242
    samantha1242 Posts: 816 Member
    peanut butter

    Peanut butter in the fridge? Doesn't that make it hard to spread?

    The natural kind suggests being stored in the fridge as there are no preservatives in it. This is what I was told at least.
  • sallydurkin
    sallydurkin Posts: 211 Member
    4 must haves are:
    1. fruit
    2. yoguart
    3. cheese
    and nuts!
  • ladyrider55
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    You wanted 3 but I'd say the 4 things I need are Raw Apples, Raw Onions, Garlic Bulbs & Silk Lite Orig. Soymilk :smile:
  • What three things are ALWAYS in your fridge? ( can be in the cupboard or freezer) just curious as to what your top 3 things are that you always want on hand!

    • I basically bought a year's supply of peanut butter (PB2), so that's got to be #1 on my list apparently....
    • Fage 0% plain
    • Unsweetened vanilla Almond Milk
  • elsiesnow
    elsiesnow Posts: 33 Member
    Gochujang (korean hot paste)
    Fresh mozzarella balls (love 'em in salad or with tomatoes and balsamic vinegar)
    In-season veggies (right now it's broccoli or kale)
  • 7bel0
    7bel0 Posts: 195 Member
    - vanilla greek yogurt
    - pomegranites (my roommate and I eat the seeds of at least 6 a week)
    - bottled water (and a gallon of detox water at all times)
    - drawer and bags/tupperware full of fresh, easy accessible veggies
  • stephdeeable
    stephdeeable Posts: 1,407 Member
    Nothing. Just a piece of paper with the word "No," written on it.,
  • megziejo
    megziejo Posts: 47 Member
    1. Bananas (well on the counter)
    2. String cheese
    3. Salsa
  • CassieReannan
    CassieReannan Posts: 1,483 Member
    Cold water
    Non fat yogurt
  • robot_potato
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  • Debbe2
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    Non fat Greek yogurt, low fat cottage cheese, eggs and almond milk
  • byrnet18
    byrnet18 Posts: 230 Member
    Milk, cottage cheese, peanut butter
  • Soy milk
    Greek yogurt