70lb gone - BEFORE & NOW (on going)



  • That's fantastic! You look great!
  • JewelsinBigD
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    WOW! What a difference. I am half-way to 70 and cannot wait to get there! So proud of you!
  • Congrats on the weight loss and getting up the courage to share!!!!!
  • karenb125
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    You look younger too!
  • briannadunn
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    Ok, plz don't flame me too badly, it's taken a good while to convince myself that I can do this (post pictures) I HATE PICTURES

    But, my coworker sent me this pictures, not to be mean, but because he wanted me to see how much I have lost (cause I only just see it).

    Ok.... before I loose my nerve


    You are beautiful, don't ever forget that. You have done an amazing job and have accomplished so much. You can reach your goal and you will look back and realize how beautiful you have always been.
  • viridianasan
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    wow congrats!! you look great!
  • Skratchie
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    Lookin' good!
  • eaturnermdt
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    You look FANTASTIC!! Keep it up... great progress!!
  • shell6469
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    GREAT JOB!!! Your beautiful... Keep feeling good about yourself and finish out your journey... Best :)
  • amypomm
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    I see a big difference! Way to go! Keep up the good work!!
  • lauralind5
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    Thats fantastic ! You are doing SO AWESOME, you should be very proud of yourself !
  • Bdde
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    wow!! awesome job!
  • way to go!!!! you should be so proud of yourself!! be blessed and good luck on rest of your journey :)
  • kaseymei
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    wow... you are doing an amazing job!! You look great! Keep up the good work and thanks for sharing. It's very inspiring!!
  • ravenchick
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    Great job! What a big difference. Keep up the great work.
  • well done you :) keep up the good work
  • TriShamelessly
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    Well done! You should be proud of yourself!
  • 4Thay
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    excellent job, congra's
  • kw0205
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    Thank you for posting this - you are a true inspiration for the rest of us to keep the faith! :-)
  • nickilynn109
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    Good job!