Joints Constantly Clicking!


What ever exercise I do, all my joints seem to click. The worst ones are my ankles and hips.
Can anyone suggest a reason for this, or a possible solution.



  • jo_marnes
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    I have really clicky ankles but have done all my life - do you 'feel' it or does it just make the noise? I don't feel my ankles but I do feel my hips (they kinda clunk!?). I don't associate this with exercise though as it has done it all my life almost
  • lucypeearl
    I noticed mine do that too, my hips and sometimes knees. It happends when i do leg lifts or reverse crunches what kinda helps is to put your hands under your butt.
  • meerkat70
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    Do you have hypermobility? (Can you touch your own wrist? Very bendy thumb joint? When you hold your arms out to the sides, can you get your elbows pointing to the ceiling - or further forward?)
  • millipedey
    my hips always click when i do situps... it's really offputting
  • BamsieEkhaya
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    I have the same problem with my knees and arms mostly...I also have bad back pains (no idea why, Dr. doesn't know) but found core strength training helps, plank a lot. Also squats and wall sits seem to arms still click when I do push ups...

    could try some fish oils and stuff...head to holland and barrats and ask for vitamins for joints
  • Wonderwoman2677
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    Here's a link.

    I've heard this before, but if you're really worried you should see a dr.
  • Helenal91
    Thanks all. I think I will go and see the doc