I'm 39,20 pounds OW, use a PT and Fitbit-need friends

Looking for some friends in the same situation. I've been plugging away to lose this 20 pounds for maybe a year and it's just not working. About 2 months ago I hired a personal trainer and have become a lot more active. A week ago I started using Fitbit which I love but not really sure exactly how it works or if I trust it:indifferent: . I recently took a good look at my diet and have beening eating more protien and less empty calories. I really feel all of a sudden it's click and this 20 pounds will go elsewhere.

I need some friends for support, ideas and suggestion in the same boat as me. I wanna be healthly, fit and at my goal by my 40th Birthday in August 2013:flowerforyou:

Friend me if you can r:flowerforyou: elate


  • LisaGirlfriend
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    Yes, 40 is where it all goes downhill for me. You're already my friend... :-)
  • PriceK01
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    I will add you! I'm 44, 5'10" and down 10lbs to 150 (hoping to lose another 15).
  • LisaGirlfriend
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    just checking to see if my ticker works...
  • Way to go on making changes! I personally know how hard it can be and after two kids I am in best shape I've ever been! Even in High School I was a size 16. Diet and exercise are the only way to go! Have you tried taking any classes at your gym, since that's what has really ramped up my cardio burn?

    Stick to it!

  • mangoos
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    I am 39 and WAS 20 lbs overweight.I am fairly active and plays golf almost 2x a week,walking. I was wondering why I am still gaining weight until my coworker encourage me to join MFP. I lost 12 lbs so far by watching what I eat and adding strength training.:happy:
  • erdely
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    just curious how are you liking fit bit? I am wondering if its worth getting, and I already have the body bugg. But with the body bugg it makes my weight loss challenge to public.
  • badzoe
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    Hi, I'm 44 and want to lose 25+ lbs. I've been using my fitbit since the end of Dec. and I like it. When I remember to wear it, it seems to be a great tool. Love that it syncs with mfp.
  • _kannnd
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    I'm on Fitbit as well if you'd like to add me. My name there is KannnD. :)

    You can add me on here as well. I'm 33 and looking to lose another 15-20 lbs. :)
  • pamperedbecky
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    Way to go! You can do it!

    I'm 41 and trying to get back on track after doing well and losing 15 pounds last spring/summer. I did my first 5K (ran/walked - I'm NOT a runner!) in October and was pleased with how I did. But then once that was over, my working out went downhill and I used the "I'm too busy" excuse. Then I saw the pounds creep back on. I'm back doing my Chalean Extreme DVD program as of a week ago and trying to track food better.

    I'd love to support you! I'm always looking for more support too.

    I'm also looking into getting a FitBit or a BodyMediaFit. I'm just so torn which one I want to get.
  • jothedog
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    hi, please add me, i'm 42 (oh god) but feel 28, have lost 3 stone since this time last year and just want to lose another half stone, but finding it hard to get back into the swing of things since christmas. im thinking of getting a fb to see if it can egg me on a bit x
  • trchristy
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    OMG yes I can relate doing high protean, less carbs, I know I am working out enough because I am sore as heck, I lost the majority of my weight about 2 yrs ago but I still have about 20 lbs that just wont go... I got frustrated and and gained 10 lbs back... Just ordered a fit bit every one raves about them and we all can sink them to each other some how. I just turned 40 and Im so afraid that old saying is not ringing true " once you turn 40 its hard to lose weight" UGH...MFP is awesome everyone is so encouraging, motivating and knowledgeable... Together we can do this Feel free to add me
  • ginnyadams
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    I turn 40 in about 6 weeks and need to get off about 30 pounds! I love my fitbit and am working to get a lot more active so feel free to add me. My fitbit link to add as a friend there is: http://www.fitbit.com/user/23JQ7L
  • alice74
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    I'm in a very similar situation - 38, need to lose 20 lbs., use a fitbit and love it. Always looking for support and friends with similar issues. :-)
  • dianatpham
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    Hi there,

    I'm 31, and am looking to lose about 20 lbs. I have had a fitbit for about 6 months, and feel that having friends on my fitnesspal/fitbit might make me more accountable and motivated to reach my goal! So please support me fellow fitbit-ers :)
  • pbwestham
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    New to this, a very young 47 year old with 42 lb to lose. What is a fit bit?
  • karietate
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    I too am 39..will b 40 n August also and use a fitbit..looking to lose abt 40 pds and wld love to help and motivate..feel free to add me :-)