110 lbs Lost in Year One, 730 Consecutive Days, Pics!



  • aNewMiniMe
    aNewMiniMe Posts: 116 Member
    Fabulous! You are proof that it works if you work it!
  • rgohm
    rgohm Posts: 294 Member
  • 7sherry3
  • Razbet
    Razbet Posts: 14 Member
    You give me hope. I went to my orthopedic doctor last week. I weight 277 lbs on his scales. I also have some health issues. High Blood Pressure and Osteoarthritis. I just rejoined MFP. I have lost weight before, but never as much as I should. Any advice or suggestions?
  • gsgigi52
    You are a beautiful person. I really needed to see your story.....unbelievably amazing!!! You are definetly an inspiration.
    I have 70 lbs. to lose and hope that I have the drive to stick to this the way you did. Keep up the great work!
  • sassieatl
    sassieatl Posts: 120 Member
    Wow, such inspiration. You look amazing. Thanks for sharing.
  • lisar135
    lisar135 Posts: 8 Member
    WOW! You are amazing.
  • TerriAnne53
    TerriAnne53 Posts: 197 Member
    congrats. and thank you for sharing. you look amazing.
  • onyxwood
    onyxwood Posts: 45 Member
    such an amazing transformation......you are truly an inspiration to us all!!!!!
  • sphyxy
    sphyxy Posts: 202 Member
    You are AMAZING!
  • fatloser91
    fatloser91 Posts: 7 Member
    You look fantastic!
  • rems2012
    rems2012 Posts: 33 Member
    Your face is just glowing in the after pictures. You look great, congrats! You're very inspirational. :)
  • Lavinya1
    You look wonderful......keep up the great work :-)
  • gwicks54
    gwicks54 Posts: 201 Member
    What an awesome transformation. Congratulations on hard work & taking your life back.
  • titi4j
    titi4j Posts: 97 Member
    You look fabulous!!! Congrats on all of your hard work losing it and keeping it off. Thank you for your post, you're an inspiration. I have over 130lbs to lose and you give me hope that it is possible.
  • maureendonahue
    maureendonahue Posts: 468 Member
    You are me! I too am 5'8", although I started at 282. My loss has been a little slower (18 months), but steady. It is inspiring to me that someone who was where I am can do this and encourages me to keep pushing on. Congratulations on a wonderful job!
  • Jaulen
    Jaulen Posts: 468 Member
    Wow! You now look like you could be your own daughter!
  • misfit7000
    misfit7000 Posts: 2 Member
    AMAZING. Total inspiration.
  • shrinkingsusie
    shrinkingsusie Posts: 40 Member
    Wow, thanks so much for sharing your amazing transformation! You look beautiful!
  • keeponkickin
    keeponkickin Posts: 1,520 Member
    Wow! You now look like you could be your own daughter!

    Thank you. I do have a 25 year old daughter and people are often shocked when we are out together that she is my daughter. I'm told I don't look old enough to have a 25 year old. I must have been 10 when I had her since I'm only 35 :laugh:
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