• Wow that awesome!
  • kimberly428
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    thats awesome, good job girl!!!!
  • Mariposa7
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    Congratulations!! You've inspired me to keep going!! Way to Go!!! Keep up the great work!!
  • Awne
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    Well done, thats great:bigsmile: :bigsmile:
  • Georg
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    :flowerforyou: :flowerforyou: :flowerforyou: :flowerforyou: :flowerforyou: :flowerforyou: :flowerforyou:
    That's soooo cool!
    I'm inspired now.
    And I LOVE the pic!
  • westielover1
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    good for you. GREAT!!! keep up the good work. i cant wait to be ther myself
  • oomalmal
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    So freaking awesome. Your going to make me work out extra hard from now on. I decided your my new motivator. 5.2 more pounds and I'll be there.
  • weidner
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    I hope you feel this way throughout the remainder of your journey!!!!!!!! :smooched:
  • ashleynicoleb
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    Amazing job!! Keep up all your hard work :flowerforyou:
  • My sincerest appreciation to everyone for all the support and compliments! Thanks for sharing in my excitement!!! :smooched:

    And for those who mentioned the reward- no worries. My hubby has surprised me with tickets to see one of my favorite bands (Breaking Benjamin) on Wednesday. He surprised me about three pounds ago, because he was proud, but I promised to make him and myself even more proud and vowed to be HERE before we go THERE, and now... promise kept! hehe
  • msonia11
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  • Good Job, Great Job.... It's good to hear your success story, it keeps us going. :smile:
  • Ninaad
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    This is very exciting and inspiring. Congrats!
  • sarahsmom1
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    Congrats I haven't seen that number in 40 years
  • WrittenInRed
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    Congrats! I am so incredibly happy for you! Every time I think about giving up I am going to remember just how much you have accomplished and keep going! :happy:
  • themethod
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    Incredible! And I love the picture. :)
  • monkeysmum
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    fantastic well done you spoil yourself rotten you deserve it
  • Hopey1994
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    That's great!!! You're doing AWESOME!!!!!!
  • lreed
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    CONGRATULATIONS!!! I am so happy for you! I am 1.6 pounds from that same weight, and I know how completely freaking excited I will be when I hit it! GREAT work!!! Enjoy your onders!:flowerforyou:
  • kimmrdodge
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    Awesome!!! Way to go! Being under 200 must feel great. I too have not been under 200 since the start of my adult life. I can't wait to feel what you are feel. Good work keep it up and you will reach your goal.