100+ Losers...What did you start with?

Those of you who have lost more than 100 pounds...what excercise/s did you start with? I know I can't do a lot of stuff yet. But I know I'll get bored if I don't starting adding some diversity.

I'm just starting (again) at 306 pounds (5'7"). I have an "hourglass" figure with a relatively small waist and bigger hips and chest. (I call it a 2 Hour glass!) I am currently at least a 48DDD.

I've been walking regularly. 2 miles most days. (26 miles since the first of the year!)

I've tried a little bit of jogging (ala C25K).

We are starting a Zumba class at work 2 days a week. (We started Monday).


  • I don't have the 100 pounds to lose, but I'm damn close. I say get a clearance from your doctor and as long as your comfortable enough to try it.... try it! You may find some off the wall exercise that you thought you'd never do, that you end up truly enjoying. For me it was running. I hated it as a kid, haven't done it since high school, and was very self conscious the first few times. You should see the looks I get now being a 'Big' girl running on the treadmill, and I eat it up like icecream, because I can endurance run better then a lot of the skinny chicks shooting me dirty looks.

    I do like to mix it up with different cardio, and lots of strength training.

    As long as your physically ok to do it.... Go for whatever you enjoy or find intriguing, and just keep going! :
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    I have 100+ to lose, and am just starting out. I've been using the treadmill and walking several miles a few times per week. And also been using the stationary bike. The gym I belong to offers Aqua Zumba, which I LOVE! It's a great workout, cardio and strength training all in one (because of the resistance of the water). Not to mention I don't look like as much of a fool as I would in a normal zumba class.

    I can't wait until I am good enough to do more than 3 minutes on the elliptical!
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    I haven't lost the 100 yet but I am on my to it and then some (87.4 as of today!).

    You made a good start so far!

    What's worked for me is cutting out the junk food and alcohol (not even a taste, I can't handle it and can't stop), getting in at least 64oz water (seltzer, tap, anything) and doing at least 30 minutes of exercise a day no matter what.

    These little things really changed things for me, in addition to eating healthier and keeping my calories down around 1200-1500 a day.

    Good luck!!

    Oops---just realized you were asking just about exercise. Sorry!!!
  • I started with walking and strength training

    progressed to hiking and biking + strength training

    progressed to mountain climbing, 100 mi + bike rides, and running (working on 1/2 marathon)

    Always strive to improve every week!! You will be amazed at the progress you can make
  • Wow 87 lbs that is amazing. Like you i have cut out most of the junk food and i walk a lot cause right now its really all i can do, Im joining the gym this weekend and am hoping they have a water zumba class too
  • I found out that riding a stationary bike burns mega calories so im going to start trying that after i join the gym this weekend, Im too big and out of shape to start any kind of class right now unless its a water class. Good luck hun.
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    At the end of this week i will have lost 70 pounds. I started with walking at first. Now i do a workout video that combines strength and cardio, as well as either walking or doing c25k each day. Swimming lessons start back this week so i will also be doing about 15 mins of laps once a week. I will stay with this till end of jan and then change it up. you need to change your workout every 6 weeks max.

    Im also looking at aqua zumba to try, depends on finances
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    Not quite to 100 yet, either, but very close.

    When I first started, that first week, I did 10 minutes on the treadmill at low speed. I was wrecked and convinced people were staring at me. (I was 130kgs, or 286lbs). I did that three times that week.

    I worked up to a 30 minute walk over the next month, and by that time I'd lost (lemme go check Livestrong, it's where I used to track) about 20lbs. (Diet is a given in all this.)

    Then I started reading around, and I found http://www.stumptuous.com/. I take her dietary advice with a grain of salt, but I started lifting, and I continued to lift. Her Dork to Diva lifting videos are the BOMB. Once I'd lost about 50lbs I did couch to 5k and kept lifting, but running as well, in the gym at least four days a week, although my goal was six days I am also a law student and I work full time, so sometimes it was just 'unpossible!' I entered the Valley Stampede, which is sort of Tough Mudder for beginners. I was fierce. You can be, too!

    Too long, didn't read? Short version: At first, slow cardio. Then lifing and slow cardio. Then more lifing and more intense cardio, incluing HIIT. The more cardio, and more lifting. Then racing. From whoa to go, about a year and a half to get to the end of that sequence.

    (Then my congenital back problem reared it's ugly head, I was out of the gym for six months, I'm just now back and lifting light, I can't run - maybe ever again - and the only reason I'm back at the gym is because I was going nuts to get some exercise and my surgeon said, "Well, I can't see how you can make it *worse*." But that won't happen to you.)

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    trying to cut out sweets and make it to the gym. I start with the elliptical for 33 mins. anywhere from 475-516 burned and some machines. also doing some aerobics at home, to tone myself and limber up.
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    I really like swimming and water aerobics, both are easy to manage with extra weight. Especially in the chest. :)
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    Thanks for the tips. (Keep 'em coming!)

    I am able to walk about 2 miles in 40-45 minutes (averaging about 2.5-3 MPH).
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    I have more than 100 to lose and I am starting with 45-60 mins of cardio 3-5 days a week (going to try for 5) plus 30 mins of weight training/calisthenics where I do day 1 lower body day 2 upper body day 3 core
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    I haven't lost 100 yet but I'm half way there. I take advantage of the fitness classes at my gym to keep me interested. I take zumba, body pump, body attack, and body combat. I'm hoping to successfully get through a spin class soon.
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    This is my 2nd time losing this same 100lbs..For me the best way is to start out with Cardio - treadmill or elliptical. Then add weights after a few weeks..Good luck!!
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    I started at 301 and am currently 262. I'm built like you, very pear shaped (only I am small chested). I started out at home with dancing with my Wii, Just Dance 2 and 3 (and now I have 4!). Last February I started swimming and try to do that 3 times a week. I would do the water aerobics classes but they don't jive with my schedule. I ride my bike when the weather is better and not so cold. These are all things I really enjoy doing. I hate walking, not in general but for exercise, so that's not something I would ever really do for exercise.

    The key is, find something that you love and that fits into your lifestyle and you'll stick with it. I loved going to spin classes and body pump classes back in the day but I don't have time now to go to a gym to participate. Just try a little of everything and see what you enjoy.

    I will start lifting weights just as soon as the gym here at work is up and running, should be in the next couple months. I am SUPER excited for that!
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    Sweety you CAN do it! If I could do all the exercises (except for running and pull-ups) at 370 that skinny people can do, then you CAN do it!! It's all in your mind. If you beleive that you can't do it, then you won't be able to do it.

    The trick is modification. I'm doing the 30 day shred. Jumping jacks kills my knees, so I jog or walk fast in place and do the rest of the entire video step by step.

    I'm 328 and its getting sooo much easier! Start now with the hard exercises and you will be so grateful in 10 or 20 pounds down that you did!
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    I think your doing the right stuff - i started with walking round the block, i moved onto exercise classes (Zumba etc) eventually started C25K and did a set of Boot Camps

    I would advise lots of variety, do as many differant things as youcan, as many times a day (dont exhaust yourself - i find little and often)> try and get some *outside* excercise as well as indoor - it adds to the variety. If you look forward to your excersize then you are more likely to stick to it

    Look at the local leisure centre and see what classes they do, or gym classes and try and walk whenever and whereever you can. I go out for a walk round the block in my lunch hour every day.

    Good luck and feel free to add me as a friend

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