What is THE song that pumps you up??



  • MyM0wM0w
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    Waka Waka by Shakira. Not sure why, but it pumps me up everytime I hear it.
  • samantha1242
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    Right now it's Scream by Usher. There's a remix that comes on my workout songza playlist that pumps meeee uppppp
  • SavageRabidBeast
    SavageRabidBeast Posts: 481 Member
    "Under and Over it" by Five Finger Death Punch
  • karietate
    karietate Posts: 39 Member
    Domination - Pantera....always gets me pumped!
  • HurricaneElaine
    HurricaneElaine Posts: 984 Member
    Mostly all of Rhianna's songs - they've got a great bangin' beat (and they're easy to dance to..)! :wink:
  • Anything by Pink

    Pound the Alarm- Niki Minaj

    One More Night- Maroon 5

    Drop Dead Beautiful- Brittney Spears

    Geeze...I love music!! Im always saying "this is my favorite song" LOL
  • MandaPaigeSparkles88
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    Meaning of Life by Disturbed or anything by Disturbed. Anything by Metallica, like Master of Puppets, Kill Em All, any hard fast song. And also Godsmack is good too.
  • Dauntlessness
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    This week's music is up on my blog "365 Days of Exercise Music"!!!!


  • Lisa1971
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    Anything by Metallica but esp. "Fuel" and "Stone cold crazy."

    I like your style!!

  • I love Bloodsimple - What If I Lost, that always gets me to my best in the gym

    I also made my own mix of tunes from all the Rocky films thats always good to listen to when lifting weights

    I do listen to mostly Rock and Metal for my workouts but i like allsorts
  • Domination - Pantera....always gets me pumped!

    Quoted for truth haha
  • seamstar
    seamstar Posts: 29 Member
    The rapture-Got to get myself into it
    Blur-Girls and boys
    Mark Ronson bang bang bang
    La Roux bullet proof
    Ting Tings
    Jacques Dutronc
    Ennio Morricone
    James Brown
  • I listen to a bunch of epic songs from soundtracks of movies or video games that I like. I doubt that many people will know what they are, though... My favorite games aren't as well known as others.
  • The Pride by Five Finger Death Punch.. Awesome Song!
  • threeonethree
    threeonethree Posts: 182 Member
    A Day To Remember - The Downfall Of Us All

    The energy when they open with that song in concert sends chills down your spine like nothing else. Love when it comes up on my mp3 player working out!
  • markaconklin
    markaconklin Posts: 37 Member
    Ice Cube- Pushin weight
  • jnichel
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    Gotta be fast, heavy or both; things like...

    -- Devil's Swing
    -- Bad Religion
    -- Crying Like A *****

    Iron Maiden:
    -- Run To The Hills
    -- 2 Minutes To Midnight
    -- The Trooper
    -- The Wicker Man

    Guns N' Roses:
    -- Nighttrain
    -- Mr. Brownstone

    Van Halen:
    -- House Of Pain
    -- 5150
    -- Me Wise Magic

    Collective Soul:
    -- Heavy
    -- Gel

    -- Oh Yeah

    -- Freeze
    -- La Villa Strangiato (gotta be live from ESL)
    -- Working Man
    -- Out Of The Cradle

    -- Welcome Home (Sanitarium)
    -- Seek & Destroy
    -- Creeping Death

    -- It's A Long Way To The Top
    -- Highway To Hell
    -- Thunderstruck

    Motley Crue:
    -- Dr. Feelgood
    -- Primal Scream
    -- Wild Side

    Led Zeppelin:
    -- Immigrant Song
    -- Good Times Bad Times
    -- Whole Lotta Love

    -- Peace Sells
    -- Symphony Of Destruction
    -- Killing Is My Business

    The Who:
    -- Baba O'Riley
    -- You Better You Bet

    Velvet Revolver:
    -- Slither

    Alice In Chains:
    -- Them Bone
    -- Man In The Box
    -- God Smack

    -- Spoonman
    -- Black Hole Sun

    -- Efilnikufesin
    -- Taking The Music Back
    -- Revolution Screams
    -- Hy Pro Glo

    That sort of stuff.
  • allysonvb
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    Sweat- by Casely feat. Lil Jon. Seriously. Check it out.
  • Didn't feel like reading all of these to see if it was posted already, but The Eye Of The Tiger is a good one for me.
  • Electric Guest- This Head that I Hold. Seven min mile guaranteed