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Need Workout Recommendations!!

Hello! I started a serious effort to commit to a long-term healthy lifestyle in mid January. So far, I've lost 14 pounds (goal is 40), which is a good start, but I'm getting frustrated that the weight isn't coming off faster. I try to net 1200 calories a day and get in three to five 60-minute workouts a week as our family schedule allows; problem is, along with the frustration, I'm getting bored.

I've started running and also rotate through Turbo Jam (love it!) and Biggest Loser yoga. I've got 30 day shred, but find it dull and unmotivating. I need high energy and fun!!

Zero interest in PX90 program, otherwise all recommendations are welcome -- thanks!!


  • path2wellness
    Try Zumba! It is a high energy party dance workout. You should be able to find it in a gym/YMCa near you. Do what you love!
  • mmrose00
    mmrose00 Posts: 253 Member
    I second the above!! ZUMBA is AMAZING!!!!!!!!!!
  • kgasser
    kgasser Posts: 333 Member
  • raqattack8
    Zumba is great, i've been doing the work out DVD's and also the classes so that keeps me really motivated.

    Have you tried the things on the Beach Body website. I know they have stuff like Insanity, Hip Hop Abs, Turbo Jam and a whole bunch of work outs. I don't work for them or any thing but found that site to be really interesting. Yeah that PX didn't look very appealing to me either lol...

    What about joining classes?

    I found that my town does free fitness activities such as boot camp, zumba and boxinfun as well as aqua aerobics, pilates and yoga, maybe you can check your local council and see if there is any free things that exist in your town etc. Not sure as I live in Australia.

    The thing about losing weight though is if you want to maintain a healthy weightloss and keep it off it is much better to loose it slowly that way you are less likely to put it back on and some. You know all those sayings - "slowly but surely" "it won't happen over night but it will happen", coz your more than 1/4 to your goal and if you have been maintaining a healthy lifestyle since January and have lost 14lbs you are losing on average just under a pound a week and that is really healthy.

    Hope this helps. :) Good luck with it all
  • pamela35
    pamela35 Posts: 14
    The Biggest Loser workout Dvd is great!
  • HalloweenMom
  • dinosgirl
    dinosgirl Posts: 157 Member
    My favorites are Slim in 6, ChaLEAN Extreme and Insanity - all by Beachbody. I also have a bunch of old Kathy Smith workouts that I love - kind of like oldies but goodies...
  • FabiolaEnvy♥
    zumba, turbo jam ;D and michael jillians :D also i would say tae bo from billy blanks :)

    those are the best and its working for me :D
  • KatieM7
    KatieM7 Posts: 588 Member
    What has worked for me is going for a bike ride. I starting working out three years ago. I had lost 15 lbs in three months and went from a size 16 or 18 (depending on the brand) to a size 10 or 12 (depending on brand). I ended up gaining that back only because I have had more children since and haven't really been able to get back into fitness like I would like until recently. I have young children and so I would put them into a bike trailer and go. We would bike ride as a family and it was a blast for the whole family. I have tried several workout videos and I get bored with them but I have yet to get bored with going for a bike ride. Good luck finding something that fits for you.
  • justesje
    justesje Posts: 37 Member
    I lasted only 2wks on Insanity. Too intense for me and I gained weight too. Doing Hip Hop Abs, got 3 days to go. I am doing Brazil Butt Lift next I think as I need a more toned derriere. I want a more active one too. Think I might do Turbo Jam too and then mix and match videos.
  • PJilly
    PJilly Posts: 21,773 Member
    Slim in 6 + Slim Series.
  • cullensbrunette
    Tae Bo....Leslie Sansone Walk At Home dvds...Slim In 6.....all awesome!!
  • MissingMinnesota
    MissingMinnesota Posts: 7,486 Member
    When you are running do you set goals for yourself? I tend to set mini goals for each time I run switching between time, distance and speed. Could try the couch 2 5k program. I haven't yet but I hear wonders about it. Another thing could try a spin class.
  • karensuz
    karensuz Posts: 6
    Thanks for all the great suggestions. We don't have Zumba classes in our area, but I've definitely been considering the DVDs -- I think you've sold me on that one!! I also bike, so now that the weather is nice, I'll be able to get out that way too. Thanks again and good luck to all of you as well.
  • MeganJo
    MeganJo Posts: 69
    I know you aren't exceeding 1200 calories but what is it that you are eating? 80% of weight loss is diet so keep that in mind, maybe you can cut some things out (soda, etc.). If that's not the case then it could be that you are gaining muscle which is making the fat weight loss appear slower if that makes sense. Try not to focus so much on the number on the scale as you do inches lost and how you feel.

    A good exercise you can do is intervals, they make you burn more fat instead of carbs. You can do intervals on the treadmill, bike, elliptical, stairmaster, anything where you can go at a slow pace and then all out sprint. Example: On the treadmill you would start with your 5 min walking warm-up and then walk at a slow pace for 2 minutes then sprint (8-12 mph) for 30-60 seconds. If you start out doing 30, keep doing that until you can work up to sprinting for a full minute and then gradually increase your speed. After you sprint, you walk for another 2 min and repeat the sprint. If you don't do any other cardio for the day then try to do 45-60 minutes of intervals. Otherwise stick to 20 or 30 minutes. I know it doesn't sound super exciting but it's a constant change of pace so it doesn't get too boring. Good luck =]
  • chrisdavey
    chrisdavey Posts: 9,834 Member
    Second Meganjo's advice :)

    Also, try a boxing class. If it is a decent one, you will be wrecked!
  • aippolito1
    aippolito1 Posts: 4,894 Member
    Turbo Kick. I've been taking it for 2 months, once a week, and it still kicks my *kitten*!!