women 5ft 6/7in!!!



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    I would love to be 135 but even in high school I weighed around 135-140. I tend to build and carry a lot of muscle when I get in shape. Not always amazing, I like to be tone, but don't want muscle bulk. But I will take that over the flab. I too am trying to get in better shape after having kids and just being lazy. I am turning 37 this week and I am around 152, 5'6. I would think the lowest weight I could get is 140 and not sure I could maintain that? I would just love to be around 145 and stick there or less. We shall see.

    I did read through most of the comments though and everyone does seem to be in the 130s or lower for this height. So maybe I need to shoot for a bit lower?
  • Donna6017
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    I'm just shy of 5' 7"

    SW 235
    GW 150
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    I envy you all! I am 5'4 and WISH I was 5'7 and taller! Thank God for 5 inch heels =)
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    HI! I am 5'7"

    CW: 126
    GW: 125-126
    Body fat: 14.6-17.8%.

    I am new here (well, starting fresh)

    Want to lose my baby belly pudge

    Feel free to add!

    14% BF for a woman is really low.
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    apparently I'm a fat 5'7.5 er lol..
    I'm currently 163.1 lbs with 23% bf
    Goal: 145-148# with 16-18% bf
    Current size: 6
    Goal size: 4

    Guess it just depends on the overall physique goals.
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    I'm shooting for 134 lbs. That's comfortably in the middle of the "healthy" BMI range for someone that's 5ft 6inches tall...the range is from 114-154.
  • Jonesie1984
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    Hi! I am 5 6&1/2, and am currently 157. I have never been able to get below 140, but in a perfect world, I would be 130. I go more based on sizes, and would like to get from an 8-10 to a 4.

    You can do it!!!

    That's my height, and I will be more than happy back in an 8.
    As an adult, even when I was skinny, I was never a 4.
    My mother was a size 4 when she died of cancer, and it was NOT a good look at 5'6" - it was a starved refugee look.

    I'm pretty sure an athletic size 4 and a dying of cancer size 4 aren't equivalents...
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    I am 5'7 and I weigh more now that when I had my baby but I am a very curvy 5'7 so I am able to hide the weight I have a long torso also! but my gw would be 150 but dream to be 140 again!
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    I'm 5'6.5". My starting weight was 150 and I'm currently at 143.

    I'm aiming at 130 although I'm not sure I'll get down that low. To be honest I'll be happy just to improve my overall fitness and tone up.
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    Hi there,
    I'm 5'7"...I'm currently 136lb and would love to weigh 130 lbs. I work out aprox 5 days per week...strength training and avg 45 min of cardio on the arc cross trainer. My caloric goal is 1200 / day, but am wondering if I'm eating too little because I feel like i'm stuck at 135-136.
  • Hi, I'm 5 ft 7 and I started off at 128 pounds but over the last 8 months I've gone up to 150 pounds. I only started doing this again at the beginning of this month, I'm currently at 145 pounds and plan to get back down to 128. I'm not that fussed about my weight in general as I'm a british size 8-10 but I really want to lose the weight off my bum and thighs which always seem to be the last and most difficult place on my body to lose weight from.
  • Jonesie1984
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    Hi there,
    I'm 5'7"...I'm currently 136lb and would love to weigh 130 lbs. I work out aprox 5 days per week...strength training and avg 45 min of cardio on the arc cross trainer. My caloric goal is 1200 / day, but am wondering if I'm eating too little because I feel like i'm stuck at 135-136.

    based on your daily expenditure you should be eating at least 1500-1600 cals/day with exercising 5x's weekly. there's a link on my page you should maybe read on TDEE..
  • I started out at 160 and my goal for now is 140 I want to go lower but going 20 at a time. I've lost 5lbs so far, Just really tracking what I'm eating and doing walking running is working for me. Im 5"5
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    Hi Im 5 foot 6 and I started at 147 and want to get to 137 :-) Feel free to add, Im on most days! x
  • Hi, I'm 5'6" (170 cm) and my goal is 140 - 150 pounds (65 = 68 kg). Anything below that and I start to look ill. I've got quite a big frame, so my bones will start sticking out if I go below.
    I started out at 180 pounds, after gaining weight due to medication. They would make me feel hungry as a side effect, so I would eat :(
    I now am on 1400 calories a day. Which should let me loose 1 pound a week. So far, I have not weighed. I did measure my waist, hip and neck, and lost some centimeters there already! Don't want to weigh til 1st of Feb.
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    I'm 5ft 6.5 inches. My lowest adult weight (in college) was 120; got up to 147 eating my husband's wonderful home cooking. (He cooks healthy- I just eat too much of it!)

    Last I checked i was 133; I don't weigh myself because the ups and downs drive me crazy. Judging from how my clothes fit, I may be below that- I'm just continuing the changes in my eating patterns I started a couple of years ago. I feel great at this weight and I'm not sure how far I want to go; at my age (almost 60), if you're too thin your face looks haggard.
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    I'm a little under 5'7" and started at 128, with a goal of 120. The lowest weight, in my perfect world, would be 118. But considering I'm in my late twenties, and have matured/developed more than when I used to weigh 115-118 all the time, it might be hard to get there or maintain that. I'd be happy with a steady 120 and muscle tone.
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    wanted to say congrats on your weight loss. I am 5'7" and started at 281.6. only down now to 274.6. one day at a time is what I tell myself. :)
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    Im 5ft 7in I weigh 140lbs. Pre kids I was always 115lbs and after my first 2 kids I was 120lbs. After I turned 30 and had baby number 3 I gained weight and have not been able to kick those post baby pounds. I have now started watching what I eat and exercising 30+ mins a day 5 to 6 days a week. So Im hoping to get back to that 115 to 120lbs mark. Good luck to you.
  • 5'6, started at 164lbs and currently 121.6lbs. Not looking to lose anymore, have maintained around this for 3 months, looking at adding muscle tone and reducing body fat.