I need a weight loss buddy please



  • Let's do this girl! I'm a new mom trying to get the last 15lbs of baby weight off!
  • swoods516
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    I could use a buddy too! Married with 2 grown daughters with 2 grandchildren. I need all the support I can get!
  • You can add me as well, I log on everyday.
  • JEG2012
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    Feel free to add me, we all need as much support as possible :smile:
  • Feel free to add me! We are all on this journey together!:smile:
  • mzjessicaxo
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    You can always add me guys!

    I also have a fitness blog that i update with recipes, workout, and motivation if you wanna check it out!

  • gloriaallen36
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    i am alwasys open for for new friends to encourage :wink:
  • aseymour13
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    Always looking for new buddies! I'm 56 with 2 college age girls, 22 and 19. Had hip replacement a year ago and trying to lose the 40+ lbs I gained. I tend to be around so anyone who wants can add me!!!! The support makes a difference!
  • kylakesgal
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    Hi there. I'm 47 and been on mfp now for almost 2 yrs. I love it & it helps keep me in control:) I'd be glad to be your friend and help you out:)
  • Charmainedelaney
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    Hi & welcome to this great adventure - you can count me in :flowerforyou:
  • pittsblue99
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    Welcome :) I sent a request. If anybody else would like another friend, feel free to add me - I am on almost everyday and try to be as supportive as I can.
  • I started at over 500 pounds. I am currently on a very strict diet ( using my fitness pal of course to track it ) and going to a personal trainer over 3 times a week who pushes me very hard. I am married ( 13 years ) and my wife and I are fixing to adopt our first child. Please ad me, I need ALL the support I can. Invite to anyone!
  • tekwriter
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    i would like to be friends also, we have kids the same age, although I am older. The more support the better.
  • dzerbini71
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    I do too! I will add everyone who says anyone can add them :) I need many many words of support and I will give it back too! :)
  • Anyone on this thread feel free to add me.
  • luvya7sandra796
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    I need some buddies too! Feel free to add me! :smile:
  • add me
  • Live4More
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    Sent a friend request. Anyone else, feel free to add me.
  • Hey everyone, please add me too!!!!! good luck to all of you!!!! :) And my profile picture is my three daughters!!! my Minnie me's!!!!! LOL I also have 4 boys my kid's age's Are 20,19,18,17,15,& twins who are 12!!!!! AND I have gained 80lbs.in the past 4 years thanks to surgical induced menopause! !!!! LOL:) I was still wearing size 6-8 after having my children! !!! but now it is very hard to lose weight! !!!!! my workouts and eating like I use to just don't work anymore!! I have to workout a lot harder now! :( And I would love to have friends to help me along the way!!!