I'm new ! :)

Hi im kirsty, been dieting for a long time and just found this so trying it out.

Any tips would be great !



  • I just joined today, myself! Already feel happier lol
  • me too ! i feel in control and no where to go when i have a bad day :)
  • hooah_mj
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    Welcome Newbies!

    You're half way there with those awesome attitudes!

    Be good to yourselves & stay engaged...you'll find lots of motivation here!
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    welcome to mfp. i just love this site. it helps me stay motivated everyday and i am sure you will all love it to:flowerforyou:
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    Welcome to MFP!!! This site provides what you will need to be successful... structure that you control, knowledge, motivation, support, and most important, fun!

    I have a link in my signature that sums up my advice for newbies. The only other advice I have is get yourself a slow cooker and a wok, and learn how to use them.

    Again, welcome and I wish you the best of luck!!!
  • Yay I'm new too! So far mfp looks neat :)
  • thanks everyone :) i love MFP already
  • Aid_B
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    Welcome to MFP, this site is awesome.

    Good luck :O)
  • Hope you all are doing great!
  • dar4health
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    Hi everybody! I just discoverd MFP at the beginning of April, and I have lost 7 lbs, and it is an awesome tool to help stay accountable to myself. I have another 40 lbs to go to get to my goal weight, but with watching what (and how much) I eat, and being proactive about getting off the couch (or out from behind my computer), I CAN do this!
  • [Hi everybody i am also new here!
    the best of luck to everyone on their weight loss journey!.
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    welcome! i'm a few days new (old), you know what i mean. lol Good luck on your quest :):flowerforyou: