how many of you get your 8 cups of water in consistently?



  • MiloBloom83
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    10-16 cups per day. Always drinking. And peeing.
  • kali31337
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    I always have either a 32oz bottle or a 20oz one and I make sure I have to drink 2 before lunch and at least 1 or 3 more after!
    I usually get about 12cups in :))
    the bathroom is my best friend!

    this is me!
  • Its_My_Time
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    :wink: I usually drink 40 oz before noon, 2 more 40 oz before I leave work. And other 40oz+ during/after my workouts.
  • Gallowmere1984
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    Black coffee and Coke Zero. Yes, they contain water. Contrary to popular belief when they say 8-10 glasses of water, it doesn't mean just straight water, and that every other liquid doesn't count. If that were the case, I'd have died years ago, as I haven't consumed plain water since I was probably around ten years old.
  • chrome_princess
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    Between 9-12 cups a day ... I drink a 32 ounce bottle on the way to work. I have a 5-cup Brita filter that I drain at least once during the day ... and then usually another 32 ounce bottle after I get home.

    On the weekends, usually three 32-ounce bottles a day.

    Yes, I run a path between wherever I'm at and the bathroom quite regularly. But I've got myself so conditioned, I don't usually want anything BUT water to drink.
  • kokalvt
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    I take my Tervis cup with me EVERYWHERE...I also am constantly refilling it after I'm done so I always have water. I try to make it a game...I don't particularly like or dislike water, but that makes it kinda fun.
  • ReclaimingSarah
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    I do. I have a 32 oz. cup with a straw on my desk that I refill at 2-3 times during the day (plus another 16 oz bottle of water at the gym and then again more water with dinner...) Sometimes when I just really don't even want to drink the water, I force-drink it. The straw doesn't leave my lips until the cup is gone.
  • AtlantaWriter
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    I don't drink that much water. If I do, I"m in the bathroom constantly. I drink probably 4-6 ounce glasses of water (or fluid such as tea and coffee) daily. Some studies show that drinking 8 glasses of water a day is not necessary for good health. See:
  • 212ackley
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    I bought a 1/2 gallon pitcher (64 oz = 8 cups) that I fill with ice water every morning at work...I make sure it's 1/2 gone by lunch and finished by 5...the rest is just bonus fluid! :D
  • trophywife24
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    I drink mine at room temp. It takes me forever to drink a glass or bottle of ice water, but at room temp I can just chug it down.
  • wibutterflymagic
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    Hydrating your body isn't about a certain # of cups of water. If you are eating foods that have high water content that is hydrating your body. Your body is hydrated if your urine is a very light yellow color.
  • Tenster
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    I drink water or green tea throughout the day then have around 1/2 a litre - 1 Litre when i train. I probably have around 3-4 Litres a day.

    Just have it handy, maybe a litre bottle by your side.
  • sudowpa2
    I get my water everywhere. It is the only thing I drink. I can tons of cans of soda (Soda Pop for our northern states) but I resist not to touch it.

    I get my water from 5 gallon jugs and refill them up at Walmart. I have a water dispenser. Also have bottle water with me at all times. I usually get 15-20 glasses of water per day. I also work out 4 hours a day so I suck lots of water out of the water fountain.

    I fill up about 2-3 glasses a water at a time and bring them to my room. They hold at least 16 ounces each glass... I just pound them down when I am thirsty.
  • BootyShakingBadAss
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    Definitely do! I set little goals for myself. Like I have to drink _______amount of water before I can have a snack in between Breakfast and Lunch ect. I was a person who ate because I was bored before so I like to make sure what I feel is hunger. This way I ensure I am actually hungry by waiting and it helps me get all my water in!
  • Its_My_Time
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    Just wondering. : ) Do you have any tricks/routines you do for it?

    I usually drink one 20oz bottle in the morning, one during lunch, and then sip two more during the rest of the day. This also helps me remember when to make food so I don't get super hungry and eat a quick fix- after my morning water bottle is empty, it's probably time for lunch, and after my afternoon/evening water is done it's time for a small evening snack!

    My trick is I refill my bottle immediately after finishing it, so hours don't go by without me drinking. I always have water on hand.

    No tricks. I love water and it does my body good! In fact I have to have my water;body craves for it :)
  • Snowbunny95
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    I have a nice Camelbak Eddy bottle I bought at my local ski area. I love the color and it reminds me of skiing all the time. I carry it with my all the time and it always seems to be empty. Looking at it now, I need to go get more water.

    I think making it fun might help. Invest in a nice cup or bottle that really appeals to you.
  • clarkeje1
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    I have a 32 oz water bottle that I generally carry with me everywhere and try to sip from it consistently throughout the day. If I don't have an opportunity to carry it with me I'll chug a full bottle when possible to get 3 glasses in quickly.
  • Izzerial
    Got a problem with that. I never drink more than maybe four. Mh-mh. I know I should change it but I just can't stick to it.
  • LeenaRuns
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    <== gallon a day. it's the only think i drink (besides the occasional glass of wine or almond milk). i usually have 6 cups before i leave the house for work at 7 am.
  • Hellbent_Heidi
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    I have a big cup at my desk that I refill all day...and since I workout in the mornings, I usually get the equivalent of 5-6 down before I even get to work.