Lost 6 lbs. first week - is that too much?

So I started tracking what I eat a week ago today. I'm 5'6" and I started at 147 lbs, wanting to lose about ten. I've been shooting for around 1500 net calories a day and I exercised most days this week. I stepped on the scale this morning, and it said 141. That kind of concerns me seeing as the max weight per week to be healthy (or so I've heard) is two pounds. Is this just water weight that comes off initially or something? Thanks!


  • pamwhite712
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    I would weigh again tomorrow and see what it says. But yes, initially you'll lose a bit more than usual in water weight.
  • meredithgainey
    meredithgainey Posts: 37 Member
    you generally loose alot more the first few weeks and then it will slow down
  • DaveHuby
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    I lost 9lb in week one but since then it has been a steady 1 to 2 lb a week. I just follow the numbers generated by the app and it seems to be working.

    Persevere, weigh and log everything enjoy the journey.
  • terracotti
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    if you didn't starve yourself, like, netting 300-800 cals a day consecutively then don't worry too much.
  • 6 pounds is a big number, how ever if this is your first week at a new routine with exercise and lower calories then a bigger than normal loss is usually what happens the 1st week of any new "diet" I personally would not weigh myself until next week and just see what the number is then. I am a firm believer in only weighing once a week, and at the same time each week. Enjoy your success!!! :):)
  • Rachlmale
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    I lost 8lbs my first week and 4lbs the next... never again did it happen!
  • vegas711
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    nope. lost 13 my first 2 weeks then slowed way down. Eat right, watch your macros and get it!
  • Not really, I lose 13 in the first week and 4 in the second.
  • sugarlips1980
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    Don't worry it's normal. Your body can lose a lot in the first week or two. I lost 8 pounds in my first week! 5 months later and I've lost 19 pounds all together so pretty slowly (but surely!). You're right that slow is best but absolutely don't worry about the first week or so. In fact, rejoice in it!
  • Sunscreenandsweat
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    I lost 7 my first week and 5 my second. I wouldn't worry about it.
  • KevinS62
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    I lost 8lbs my first week and 4lbs the next... never again did it happen!

    Sounds like me. 8 lbs in week one, followed by 4 lbs in week 2 and 2 lbs in week 3. Hoping to be in the 2-3 lbs per week from here out.
  • Sheila_Ann
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    First of all congratulations on your first step and for the 6lb loss. Everyone is right, first week you will lose a lot and then you should start to see your loss go down to about 1lb a week. You are correct, the safe way to do it is to lose .5 to 1lb a week. Best of luck in your journey!!!!

    Sheila :flowerforyou: