I'm in need of some friends and a support system.. LOL

Hello everyone I know it sounds sad. but I been on here for a month and only have one friend would like to build a friendship with everyone.. I hope everyone is doing well.. :) just msg me


  • Momf3boys
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    Hi there and welcome...I'm a mom to 3 boys...feel free to add me...I will do my best to motivate you and support you on this journey...we are all here for the same thing...a healthy life :-)
  • JenRun1
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    Welcome! I'm a mom of 2 boys, feel free to add me. I'm addicted to MFP and always on.
  • jtslim42
    jtslim42 Posts: 240
    Howdy! feel free to add me:)
  • skinnyiverson
    I am a mom of 2 boys. I am on here every day too. I friended you :flowerforyou:
  • isaac_20
    hi their how my name is Isaac Hebert.
  • allanhbmartin
    allanhbmartin Posts: 7 Member

    My name is Allan. I live down my Columbia-Tusculum. I bike to work (I am just beginning my workout journey) I reside around the Mt. Lookout area, but always on the look out for good people. If you are interested in biking on the weekend, let me know. I am new to the area and work keeps me just busy enough to not know anyone. So, friendships are always welcome.

  • Suggsforprimeminister
    hi add me, mum to one son xxx
  • 20ever
    20ever Posts: 125 Member
    ANYONE here on this thread can add me. Feel free! Always Looking for more motivational type folks!

    LETS GO!
  • ceeceescurves
    ceeceescurves Posts: 15 Member
    Welcome to your journey. Feel free to add me. You'll get lots of support on here.
  • HuneeBunee08
    I'll send you a request, anyone here can add me as well, started Turbo Fire today!!
  • Angeleyes05
    Angeleyes05 Posts: 263 Member
    feel free to add me! always love providing and reciving, motivation and support!
  • Naomi81378
    Naomi81378 Posts: 681 Member
    Welcome! feel free to add me. I tried to be on as much as I can. And I will support you all I can.
  • BigDave1050
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    Feel free to add me as well
  • Blondie1984
    Blondie1984 Posts: 75 Member
    I added you :)
  • jparks341
    jparks341 Posts: 216 Member
    Welcome and great job hanging in there! Please feel free to add me as a MFP buddy. I love being a part of the support and motivation circle for my pals. I'm on and posting daily. Good luck on your journey.
  • nczuczu
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    Feel free to friend me. The support of friends is very helpful. Good luck on your journey!
  • AprilEC
    AprilEC Posts: 32 Member
    Go ahead and add me if you like! I'm here everyday, mulitple times a day! I'll do anything I can to keep you motivated and moving forward :D
  • heatherrbee
    heatherrbee Posts: 1 Member
    Hey! I've been on here since December, but recently fell off track. My goal is to get healthy while my husband is currently on his 2nd deployment, soo I'm definitely needed some motivation as well! Feel Free to add me if you'd like :D
  • tjohn034
    tjohn034 Posts: 163 Member
    Welcome and best of luck to you in your goals. There is tons of support on MFP because we all are shooting for the same goal with health and fitness. Feel free to add as well as anyone else.
  • KatOls49
    Hey everyone! You can all add me too! I am restarting myfitnesspal again....I am here for good so I will be on here for a long time!! :laugh: