Want/Need a Supportive Friend? Add your name!!!



  • I am always looking for new fit friends... Add me... :)
  • martini83
    martini83 Posts: 113 Member
    new friends needed :)
  • toliin
    toliin Posts: 13 Member
    hiii I signed a long time ago but im back again after a long hiatus and i wouldnt mind for a support too :D
  • I'm new and I want about 5 to 10 people to friend who will really actively motivate me and give me positive feedback. This is a journey I would rather share with strangers who are struggling with weight like I am. That's why I didn't add my FB friends. Also I come from WW and there isn't really that support that I need. I'm serious about getting fit and healthy but it's been a life long struggle. So anyone who can relate PLEASE FRIEND ME. I have NO friends here lol.
  • Hey
    I am new to this so I would really appreciate it :)
  • Shalini_15
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    Please add me...
  • Love joining people for their journey, hopefuly youll join mine! Feel free to add (:
  • whitney9988
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    I'm looking for supportive friends as well. Feel free to add me :)
  • lynettehill59
    lynettehill59 Posts: 1 Member
    Hi! new to myfitnesspal....... have logged in for 10days now, my next weigh-in is Monday, 4 Feb, it will be 4 weeks since initial.... all support and inspiration welcome, goes both ways!
  • fabiomuralha
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    Hey! Just one more ... ;) be free to add and let share our fight with the extra pounds.... lol
  • xnattiex
    xnattiex Posts: 143 Member
    Can always use supportive friends :)
  • DhiaUK
    DhiaUK Posts: 28 Member
    Newbie here too. Anyone feel free to add me. I've no friends on the site yet but am looking for support and motivation, and to offer the same in return. Let's share the journey. :smile:
  • lettybob
    lettybob Posts: 4 Member
    Please add me, need a boost! :):laugh:
  • charz13
    charz13 Posts: 16 Member
    Newbie here, I think it's important to have a couple of supportive friends to help motivate :D feel free to add me :)
  • Cjoseph03
    Cjoseph03 Posts: 107 Member
    SW: 260
    CW: 229.8
    GW: 160
    Ht: 5'8"
    29 yr old Night shift nurse, wife and mommy to 3. I do not use MFP as Facebook. I like to give motivation and tips. I'll be honest and I like to learn and ask questions. This is a life long process for me and I'm in for the long haul!
    I do not reply to food journal completion posts when I cannot see what you have eaten that day.
    Please feel free to add me and be brutally honest. Sometimes I need a swift kick in the *kitten*.
    I'm going to bed! See you guys in 6 hours!
    Keep on rocking it MFP! You guys are so awesome!!!
  • Add me, add me! I'm on here more than Facebook these days and ill admit I like it a lot more! :)
    jessakahbuell << cheers to us!
  • jomtois
    jomtois Posts: 22 Member
    Feel free to add me, and let's keep each other motivated!
  • OhLibra
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    Anyone can add me. I'm starting to get back into my groove and like to think I'm supportive when I'm here.
  • Excited about change! Trying to stay possitive!!
  • Feel free to add me - I seriously lack in motivation but just started back on diet/gym since my injury at christmas time :)