50 pounds down with pics



  • Colombianchick29
    Colombianchick29 Posts: 298 Member
    WOW you look great! thanks for the insoriation today! I am so so sorry for your loss, I know as a parent theat had to be the worst thing EVER! I am happy to know that you are able to deal with the pain, and actually move forward and enjoy life again. That is a blessing! Best wishes!!!
  • rodafer
    rodafer Posts: 63
    Thanks for being so brave and sharing your story - both about your weigh loss and the loss of your child.
    You are amazing, and you look fabulous! Keep it up.
  • saintspoon
    saintspoon Posts: 242 Member
    AMAZING!!!!! :flowerforyou:
  • Beautiful!

    I started at 256 last year, lost 10, and gave up/stopped logging/caring.
    Gained back the 10 pounds plus 10 more. Now I am at 256 again.... after two months. And I have no plans to quit - my mindset is different.

    Your story and pics truly are inspiring - thanks for sharing! Good luck on the rest of your journey.
  • Reebee22
    Reebee22 Posts: 26 Member
    Wow! What a journey! You are one brave strong woman! I'm in awe of you! And your looking amazing too! Thank you for sharing your journey its very inspiring :heart:
  • You are looking GREAT! Keep up the great work >_<
  • kathy53b
    kathy53b Posts: 33 Member
    Keep up the great work....you look wonderful
    Thank you for sharing
  • allifantastical
    allifantastical Posts: 946 Member
    You look great!!
  • pawnstarNate
    pawnstarNate Posts: 1,728 Member
    fantastic work!!!!
  • I've been struggling myself lately. Thank you for your words and for giving the rest of us encouragement! Keep up the good work, you look great!
  • 14uqueen
    14uqueen Posts: 78 Member
    You look great :)!
  • Wow! You look terrific!
  • rosarenee1
    rosarenee1 Posts: 271 Member
    Great job!! So sorry about your terrible loss. That would definitely drive anyone to emotional eating. So good you're finding peace.
  • Feisty_Red
    Feisty_Red Posts: 982 Member
    Great job!!!!!:heart:
  • bemott
    bemott Posts: 180
    So sorry about your baby. And wow, great work. I started at 256. Am 156 now. Pretty cool. Keep going. You're going to be shocked when you fit in a size 8. I've never been a healthy sized woman either and it feels so fantastic!
  • Awesome!!
  • lovejulez03
    lovejulez03 Posts: 139 Member
    Wow you look great!!! What a HUGE different 50 lbs makes! Keep it up and thank you for inspiring me a little more today :)
  • janecarol61
    janecarol61 Posts: 45 Member
    Congratulations!!!! You are an inspiration!! I keep reminding myself that I didn't gain all of this week in a month, so it's not going to come off that fast either!
  • janecarol61
    janecarol61 Posts: 45 Member
    Weight, not week..... :laugh:
  • lupie007
    lupie007 Posts: 27 Member
    Thank you everyone for all your support! Means a lot to know we're not alone in this journey! You all inspire me daily! Despite all the plateaus we hit and roadblocks along the way I just keep focused on that end result...a happier and healthier me. :) Thanks again everyone!
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