Slim down sadness.



  • watcheronthewall
    I'm so sorry that you feel so low. I completely understand how you feel as I've been there myself.

    First things first, you haven't gained a huge amount of the weight back so I wouldn't get panicked about that. The fact is that you have done brilliantly to lose that amount of weight, it's a huge achievement and you deserve to feel good about it and accept compliments for it.

    With regard to the binging. The most important thing is to keep eating. When we binge we often start to feel anxious about gaining weight and so we think about cutting down or not eating in order to compensate, but this has the opposite affect and just ends up fueling the binges. I would make a fresh start from now, have a look around MFP for the abundance of advice you can find and think about a simple, but substantial enough meal plan you can work towards. Perhaps make a list of some healthy foods or meals you enjoy and work towards eating 3 good meals a day and a couple of snacks to combat the binging, and try to put thoughts about the weight loss on the back burner until you get on an even keel.

    It does sound like you could be suffering from depression or low mood, so perhaps you could talk to your doctor about how you're feeling and see what they can do to help.

    Best wishes and add me if you'd like.
  • islandgirldl76
    islandgirldl76 Posts: 47 Member
    Everyone also has some good point and I am not sure if this was mentioned. But are you on any other medications? Weight changes can modify how the medication reacts with your body. Something for all of us to keep in mind, even if we call the doc and say. Should I modify my prescription I just lost 30lbs?
  • Victœria
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    Thank you everybody. I'm going to go and see the Dr.

    I have had anaemia in the past, thyroid problems run in my family & I do live in a cold place so it could be SAD.

    Thank you so much for listening.

    I have told my Dr I felt depressed before & she didn't really take any notice of me and said I would come out of it on my own. I should go back.

    Even now I feel a bit better. X