Trader Joes! What to try?

A friend is going for the first time and asked me what she should try? What is your fave from there?


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    Cookie Butter!! My favorite snack on top of a rice cake, yum! They have a lot of great food (& wine) there.
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    OMG!! i love everything there!! I can't live without their roasted red pepper tomato soup and I like their van soy milk with just the clusters vanilla and almond granola.
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    where do I start!!??

    Their frozen butter chicken is great …get the frozen Naan. The entire email will be like 600 calories. so good.

    Their Asian stir fry dishes a long with their prepared frozen fried rice is awesome … meals can range for both between like 400 (yes) to like 650 calories.

    They have a Cuban pork meal that is ridiculous. On the higher side of calories but fits into most plans …for dinner. Comes with rice and plantains.

    The hummus wrap is super filling and only like 375 calories.

    They also have Annie Chung Teriyaki bowls … for $1.99. They are $3-4 bucks anywhere else. These are vegan and only 400 calories. Perfect for lunch.
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    They have a spicy black bean dip which is not actually very spicy but incredibly flavorful. I spread it on pretty much anything that might ordinarily taste bland or diety on its own.
  • Joreanasaurous
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    Uh. Everything. Love their hummus.

    Not a diet food, but they have their own version of Oreos called JoJoes that are amazing.
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    Thanks everyone! Some great ideas
  • cncrafton
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    I'm a major Trader Joe's enthusiast. :) There was a thread about it a few months ago, here:

    I'll just copy/paste my thoughts with a few updates…

    For snacks, I love their kettle corn, wasabi peas, peanut butter & oats bars, lentil and potato curls, sea salt and rice crisps, sea salt pita crisps, and Everything pretzel thins (a new find for me - SO good).

    I keep my freezer stocked with:

    Tempura chicken
    Thai jasmine rice
    Vegetable fried rice
    Chile lime chicken burgers
    Bean So Green (a medley of peas, romanesco, broccoli, green beans in a garlicy sauce)
    Roasted red potatoes with peppers and onions
    Just...grilled chicken strips
    Italian Penne Arrabbiata
    Reduced guilt mac and cheese
    Pineapple tidbits
    Fruit Frenzy bars

    Their frozen, breaded cod is pretty good, and I just had their coconut shrimp the other day and would definitely recommend it. Delicious. Love the whole wheat tortillas as well. Also, they stock frozen cubes of basil and garlic, made by Dorot. I LOVE this. Each cube of the garlic is a clove and it is such an easy way to add flavor or keep garlic on hand without having to keep the actual cloves.

    Trader Joe's is always kind of an adventure because you never know when something will be there and when it will disappear for a few weeks or months or forever. Since it's all fairly cheap, I suggest just taking a chance on things that look good. Trader Joe's also has a fantastic return policy. You can bring something back and they will give you a refund, no questions asked. You don't even need the receipt, nor does the package have to be unopened. You can even bring back the empty packaging of a product if you disliked it.
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    Root chips and dried banana slices. Both are fantastic.
  • shellbatronic
    They have a "bistro salad" that has edamame and kale that's the bomb. I take out their dressing and add my own.
    I love their chicken sausages and gourmet chicken meatballs
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    The Hot Fresh Salsa, their chicken sausages and their brussel sprouts are something I get EVERY time I go.
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    I love the dark chocolate covered almonds!!!!
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    they had a really good grapefruit scrub exfoliator once. wonder if it's still there. amazingly cheap for what you get and smells awesome
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    I was just thinking about this this morning. Great timing!
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    Their garlic aioli mustard. We can't eat our sandwiches without it!
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    Bump. haven't been there yet- been wanting to go!
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    I love the dark chocolate covered almonds!!!!

    me too. I have a few each night that I stay within my calorie allowance.
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    I was going to post the same topic, we are going to San Antonio in a few weeks. They have a Trader Joe's, would like to know what to try.

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    My favorite is the dried pineapple rings. They are just pineapple, no sugar added. They are still a ton of carbs, but they are SO GOOD! I have them for an every once in a while splurge! Thank GOD I don't live near a Trader Joes!