40 Calorie Flour Tortillas



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    I'm coveting that low sodium #! :love: Gotta try this. I love my Tumaro totillas, but they're burning a hole in my wallet!
    *BUMP* for future.

    The 40 Calorie Flour Tortilla
    I made some home made guacamole to go with these. They’re pretty easy to make and delicious!

    Market Comparison:
    In terms of cost, I’m not sure as I’ve never bought tortillas from the store… But I imagine they do not cost 1 cent per tortilla. Nutritionally, 1 Flour Mission Tortilla is 150 calories… These are about a FOURTH of that. :)

    1/8 Teaspoon Salt
    .5 oz Water
    1/4 Cup Flour
    1/8 Teaspoon Baking Powder
    Servings: Creates 2 Tortillas (1 Tortilla = 1 Serving)

    Nutritional Facts:
    Calories Per Serving: 41.25 cal
    Fat (g) per Serving: 0.00 g
    Carbs (g) per Serving: 8.63 g
    Protein (g) per Serving: 1.13 g
    Sodium: 32.50 mg

    Financial Facts:
    Cost Per Serving is $0.01.

    1.Combine all ingredients into a bowl and mix. Dough should combine in to a single ball. If this doesn’t happen, add a little more water incrementally until it does.
    2.Cover the dough with a wet towel or cloth for ~15 minutes.
    3.Split dough into two balls. Roll into round shapes.
    4.Flour the counter.
    5.Take each ball and roll out into a very flat circle.
    6.Take each circle and place onto an ungreased skillet.
    7.Cook over medium heat until tortilla starts to show brown spots.

    I have not tried these, found the recipe on tumblr and thought it sounded pretty close to store bought flour tortillas... and being in love with texmex food I'll try anything for a healthier flour tortilla! :laugh:
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    I love this!! I am a sucker for tortillas!
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  • Yum! Thanks for sharing this recipe! :)
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    Thanks! I'll definitely be trying these.
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    going to have to try these
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    Just made these tonight and they were pretty good!
    I added garlic powder and parsley for some extra flavor and filled them with blackened tilapia, fresh veggies, fat free sour cream, lime juice and salsa!

    Winner :)
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    Thanks :flowerforyou:
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    Bumpy bump bump!
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    Will have to try these!

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    My husband eats alot of torillas. Will definately be trying these. Thanks!
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    I'll have to try these. I love anything wrapped in tortillas because it's easy to eat! Hell I've eaten two mission wraps today.
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    If somebody made these with a different kind of flour (I want to make these wheat free), I would like to know how it turned out.
    Maybe with some corn flour or quinoa flour?
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    I love you. Breakfast tacos here I come!