Sexy/hott or beautiful?



  • I'd be happy if someone just looked my way for once...let alone say something to me. lol
  • shorty35565
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    I usually get cute, beautiful, or gorgeous which to me is great but I hardly ever get sexy and sometimes that bugs me cause every now and then a woman would like to be told she's sexy, Lol ... I'm only 5'2 so maybe that has something to do with it? Since I'm so short people think I'm cute or adorable. Drives me nuts since I'm 30yrs old, haha Grrr

    I'm the opposite. I get the others, when I would rather be called beautiful or gorgeous. LUCKY LADY!
  • _JamieB_
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    All of the above, if someone takes the time to say something like that to me, its all good!!!
  • DarkNebula84
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  • __stacyb
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    any, they're all great compliments!
  • doughnutwretch
    doughnutwretch Posts: 498 Member
    My sweetie calls me Beautiful quite often, and there's nothing better than hearing it from him. Gorgeous is also a good one, and sexy and hot when the time is right - like during sexy time :wink:
  • RaeLB
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    a sexy mind and a beautiful soul
  • Jessi_Brooks
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    I like beautiful and sexy. Hot is meh. Cute I dont like.
  • ShreddedTweet
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  • oregonzoo
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    as long as it's not cute I don't care.

    Just don't call me late for dinner.
  • fuzzieme
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    I've gotten beautiful a good few times but it's always after they've gotten to know me, which changes perception... I've been called cute a million times, something about it annoys me (?!), and nobody has ever described me as hot or sexy :brokenheart:

    Beautiful is nice to hear though, after this long of not hearing hot/sexy I wouldn't know how to take it and probably feel a bit awkward or sick
  • alexbusnello
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    Depends on the situation if you get what i mean. My boyfriend calls me all of those and cute and adorable lol
  • CherokeeBabe
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    "Beautiful" sounds nice from the right person, like someone you *know* can see beyond 'omg boobs' and finds more things attractive than the basics. But 'sexy/hot' is more realistic from your average person.
  • fitfreakymom
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    you can call me anything as long as its not late for dinner lol
  • shorty35565
    shorty35565 Posts: 1,425 Member
    as long as it's not cute I don't care.

    Just don't call me late for dinner.

  • Bumdrahp
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    Dead gorgeous!
  • MelissR75
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    All the above works for me :wink:
  • saintspoon
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    Being a fat girl for most of my teen/adult life I had been told often by family & friends that I was beautiful.... lovely to hear but i think it was just to make me feel good.

    Now that I'm not so fat I get the sexy/hott from guys & this is something I never got in my teens or early 20's..... makes me feel really good to hear it! But on the other hand..... to hear that I am beautiful from a non-family or friend is rare & very special :)
  • scs143
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    Any. All.
  • barb1241
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    I'm usually just happy if they get my name right.

    (J/K-couldn't resist)