Runners nipple (men)

Ok, this is somewhat embarrassing but I have been increasing my running over the last few weeks and recently my nipples have become really sore. I've noticed that this is a common problem so I doubt I can be the only one?

I've been on Google but a lot of the answers are from years past. I wanted to know is there anything you use to help combat this?


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    Run Naked !!!!

    Only Joking, couldn't resist
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    Hmm I would say the simplest and most obvious answer would be to run without a shirt on. There'd be no friction then. Or if you're not into that you could use some sort of bandage tape over them while you run. Hopefully you're not too hairy or that could be painful in the removal afterwards. Lol! I'd say you most likely look great so I vote for running shirtless! Hope this helps or at least provides a laugh!
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    Tried vaseline? :)
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    i was gonna say bandage tape on ur nipples lol... ouch!! ripping it off though
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    Nothing does the job like a band aid or plaster! I get this problem when I sweat too much. To remove, take a shower, especially if you are hairy!

    You can use antiseptic cream to treat and sooth the condition.

    You can also get "nipple guards" which fit over, however, they are not very sticky and you need a plaster to hold them on.

    Hope this helps
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    My husband complains of the same thing. I'll be interested to see the responses. I told him he could borrow one of my sports bras, but for some reason he bulked. Maybe there's a market for men's sports bras? He doesn't even really have moobs.
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    cut holes out of your shirt just for your nipples ;)

    Seriously, this sometimes happens to me and it kills. A lot of people tape them, but I'm too hairy to consider this a good trade off. Some shirts have different friction than other ones. Try a different shirt, made from a different material. The new stuff from nike, adidas etc is really nice. Silky smooth :)

    Vaseline is a serious suggestion too. A lot of runners use that for chafing wherever they get it.

    Good luck!
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    There is a product called Glide - you put it on like a deoderant over your nipples, heels, inner thighs - whatever is rubbing and it seems to help take the friction off. I got some at the Running Store for my inner thighs. They have simular products - different prices, and the people are very helpful.
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    Try Body Glide, you can get it at Second Sole or any running store. I have use it on my inner thigh area for the hem of my shorts during marathons and it has always worked great. I hope it works well for you as well! Happy running!!
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    You can buy little circular bandages, they are tiny and just go on the actual nipple, they are very effective.
  • Barneystinson
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    If you can't find BodyGlide for runners, there's a really (cheap) fix available at Wal-Mart or any common drugstore: Monistat anti-chafing gel. Find it located with all the other ladies products.

    Yeah, yeah yeah it's made for the ladies and the brand also makes yeast infection cream, BUT it's essentially the same thing as any BodyGlide or expensive anti-chafing product. It's a silicone-based gel that dries to a powdery, smooth finish. It's amazing for any area of the body (thighs, chest, arms) that you get any form of chafing during exercise or regular activity. It also doubles as a nice skin protectant (anti-chapping) when the weather is cold.
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    You can buy little circular bandages, they are tiny and just go on the actual nipple, they are very effective.

    +1 That's the right answer.

    1) It's very common. In fact, hang around a marathon finish line and you'll see plenty of them just bloody.
    2) Not sure it was clear, but it's all about friction of your shirt, wet, and rubbing the nips.
    3) Dress cool. The main problem is too much moisture so if you manage that, then friction is easier.
    4) If ya don't mind, no shirt totally solves it.
    5) Some goos & glides can be OK too, but they can make it tacky and that's no good either.
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    Thanks so much for the answers!

    I've ordered some body glide and I bought some plasters this afternoon to get me through this evenings run, I wish I could go shirtless but the rules say I can't :sad:
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    Awwww well that's a shame! :wink:
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    I have never heard of this and I've been running for a while myself. Hope you get it sorted mate.

    I certainly did LOL at the cut nipple holes out of shirt answer. Visuals are scary :P
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    learn something new every day!
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    cut holes out of your shirt just for your nipples ;)

    I reckon this, plus the vaseline for extra protection would work a treat!
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    Gold Bond makes a product called Friction Defense that is essentially the same thing as Body Glide at a lower cost. You can get it at Wal-Mart although don't bother asking anyone there where it is cause they won't have a clue. It is in the pharmacy area next to the foot powder/cream area. Usually on the top shelf. It may also be in the baby diaper rash cream area. It's a bright yellow dispenser like an anti-perspirant stick with a red cap. Works wonders!

    I've also learned never to wear that new shirt that they give you at the race, especially if it has any type of logo or decal on the front. Those decals can be quite heavy and the constant bounce of your stride along with the weight of the sweat will cause it to rub on your chest more than a dry shirt with no decal.

    Two half marathons with no chafing in the cold speaks for itself.

    Good luck!
  • PrairieRunner2015
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    I ran into this problem a couple of weeks ago. There are several options, but I chose to go with Water Proof Band Aids. They have worked well so far. I chose this route as it's the least expensive. A lot of people swear by nip guards, but they are a little expensive for me.

    I have no experience with body glide like materials, but I've heard/read if you sweat a lot (I do) it can be less effective.