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48 lbs down and still going!! (PICS)



  • NaeNaeJanae
    NaeNaeJanae Posts: 261 Member
    You look amazing!!! Beautiful! :)
  • sasbw27
    sasbw27 Posts: 710 Member
    You're doing great and you look great! You'll be at goal in no time!
  • jjmnet
    jjmnet Posts: 110
    WOW!!!! Four months of hard work and you looking amazing and soooo much healthier. You can see how happier you are in your smile!!!! Great job!
  • yankeefamily05
    you look beautiful!!!:)....And it looks like we started at the same weight and have the same goals!:) I am going to add you!
  • whosfat1
    whosfat1 Posts: 4 Member
    You are my inspiration! You are looking wonderful! I have just joined and have a good 70lbs to lose.
  • Port47
    Port47 Posts: 62 Member
    You are my inspiration,just started a week ago and you have encouraged me........
  • amber_hanners
    amber_hanners Posts: 388 Member
    You look amazing. How tall are u
  • casi_ann
    casi_ann Posts: 423 Member
    Your beautiful. Great job.
  • bekahjk
    bekahjk Posts: 74 Member
    Wow! Amazing transformation so far! Great job! Keep up the great work!
  • clarkkent31
    clarkkent31 Posts: 2 Member
    You look amazing....I'm free for a date! :) wow
  • elisa123gal
    elisa123gal Posts: 4,306 Member
    you are looking great! keep up that great work.. how inspiring.
  • Hearts_2015
    Hearts_2015 Posts: 12,031 Member
    Eating right, exercising, and really monitoring your health choices can feel like a second full time job, so I know what it took for you to make this dramatic transformation. Good work. You are inspiring others who you don't even know.
  • tiffanyheth
    tiffanyheth Posts: 510 Member
    You look so good! Healthier, happier, and younger!
  • Jengary1993
    Wow! look amazing! Just goes to show what a little determination and a lot of hard work can do!! You are exactly the type of person that I need for motivation! Thanks for sharing your journey!!!
  • lowpro1983
    lowpro1983 Posts: 305 Member
    You are absolutely beautiful!!!!!!! Great work - keep going! :)
  • cathers_
    Amazing, well done
  • kwentz1960
    Beautiful!!! Keep up the good work! You are an inspiration to others on their journey!
  • RobfromLakewood
    Wow, you are doing so well. I am really inspired by people who show their successes, thank you!
  • WhatAnAss
    WhatAnAss Posts: 1,598 Member
    You look great!! Keep it up!!
  • carolinagirl0
    carolinagirl0 Posts: 51 Member
    You look awesome.
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