I am a 26 year old woman and I'd love some similar friends

I was wondering if there are some folks on here who are kind of like me. I want to be healthy and to be active. I am 5ft 7in tall and have a goal weight of 160 initially... and maybe down to 150 if I feel like I need to when I get there. I started at 222lbs and have lost 14lbs so far!

I plan on getting a sleeve as a reward to staying at my goal weight for a year. I love punk rock and reading. I'm also pretty blunt and to the point (though I hope not in a bad way ;)). Anyone relate?


  • Punk rock and reading? Sounds like me, haha.
  • hubrey
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    Nice! California's pretty awesome if you like punk :)
  • Trista87Marie
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    I am 25 and also have a goal weight of about 160. Also looooove to read and am a bit of a nerd. Feel free to add me :)
  • determinedbutlazy
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    I'm 26, 5'7", start weight was 237lbs and CW is 184lbs. Goal (for now) is 170ish, but final aim is around 155-160.

  • chimebird
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    Hey! I'm 26 as well and had a similar starting weight and goals, I'm down to 163 now with 145 as my next goal.
  • JessWolf1002
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    I am also 26 and 5'7! I'm down to 167 and I have an eventual goal of 135 lbs. add me if you'd like!
  • Well I'm 27 and I love to read. Also In going to get my thighs tattooed as a reward! I can't wait!! My ultimate goal is 130, but I'll be pretty happy to get to 150!
  • AliTomy
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    I'm 26 too! Started at 198, down to 183 so far! My goal is 155-160 range (I'm 5'9"). I've lost (and gained) the same 15-20lbs about 100 times now, so I'm hoping that this time my healthy lifestyle will stick!

    Good luck with your weight loss!!:drinker:
  • You can add me if you like! We're similar. You can do it!!
  • hubrey
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    Thanks everyone!
  • Im 25, 5'5 and wanting to lose quite a bit of weight (30 pounds at least). Im a music nerd and love reading too! Feel free to add me!
  • sarahaldinger
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    25 yo here.
    Just staying active and eating right.
    Feel free to add. :)
  • tatersfitzmama
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    I am also 26 and 5'7! I'm down to 167 and I have an eventual goal of 135 lbs. add me if you'd like!

    i'm 25 and 5'7 with a goal of 135. I may add you too!
  • sandi117
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    Goal of 160lbs. Blunt. Tattoo as a reward... I think we were a match made in heaven. Adding you! lol
  • 26 years young
    Increasing my fitness and toning, eating right but I don't keep diary.

    Feel free to add me.
  • drusilla126
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    I'm 5' 7 and weigh 161 currently (after dropping 77) Started at 238. Goal is 140. Always happy to have more peeps on board for this crazy journey.

    BTW I'm blunt as a...what's something that's pretty blunt? lol And love rock music and the wrestler CM Punk so that's the best I can do lol
  • Lottiehill29
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    I'm 25, 5ft 1 and started this 4 days ago.
    Start weight 212lbs, goal weight 126lbs.

    I love punk rock - big ska fan thanks to my Dad.
    Absolute nerd when it comes to reading and movies.

    I'm the kind of person who gets disheartened really quickly if I don't see results so I'll need some extreme tough love!
    But I find it really easy to encourage others!

    Feel free to add me!
  • charz13
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    Hey there, I'm 26, goal weight 70kg so that like 154lbs I think, 5'8 and already have a Sleeve. But i think rewarding yourself with a sleeve is a bloody brilliant idea ;) good luck, feel free to add me as the more support the better. Looking forward to chatting :D
  • mrsedge75
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    Hiya, add me too :glasses:
  • you can add me... 26 years old, looking for new friends... In need of motivation to lose 40 lbs