Feed Me, Seymour!

I need help eating! I'm not eating anywhere near enough calories. MFP is giving me 1800 base, plus anything I "earn" by exercising. I'm barely eating 1000-1200. I'm SUPER busy this month with not a whole lot of time to cook or eat. My days (for the last week or so) look like this: a protein bar or shake for breakfast, a Lara bar mid-morning, another protein bar or shake for lunch, another lara bar mid-afternoon, and something for dinner. Dinner is usually protein (like chicken) and veg.

I'm borderline diabetic and would like to severely limit my carbs, especially refined flour and sugar. I like the idea of Paleo, although I would allow myself some cheese/dairy. I need menus! Ideas of things I can carry in a lunchbox while I'm out working (I work from my car, not a desk). I don't have time for this! ARGH! Maybe in March I can do more planning on my own. Right now, I need someone to feed me! ;) Like, literally! TELL ME WHAT TO EAT and when, and I will do it! I have some time this weekend to grocery shop and even pre-cook some food. I'm reasonably willing to eat most foods, except bananas. I hate all things banana, and don't tell me to put it in the smoothie or whatever anyway, because "I won't taste it." I will. I always do. TIA!

ETA: I drink water with benefiber powder and mio for flavor all.day.long. I cut out soda a month ago. I will have the occasional coffee or tea, with no-calorie sweetener (usually splenda) and milk.


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    Can you afford to use a food delivery service and just eat what they send? That's what I do most days. I use success meals. I like it and you can tell them no bananas.
  • Hello!

    Also trying to eat a lot of protein and limit carbs here, but for muscle building reasons.

    Unfortunately, protein rich foods tend to be the opposite of convenient foods. Even protein bars typically have an obscene amount of carbs sometimes.

    Try: Greek yogurt - it comes in convenient, single-serve packets at the grocery store, and is also delicious.
    Boiled eggs- portable and delicious
    Egg whites - when you're home and able to cook, throw some egg whites (from a carton of Egg Beaters, etc.) in a frying pan, add vegetables. In 10 minutes, eat.
    Tuna - delicious and high protein. At many grocery stores they sell combination cracker/tuna meals that have a good protein:carb ratio (I'm talking about these things http://www.coffeeforless.com/bumble-bee-sensations-lemon-pepper-seasoned-tuna-medley-with-crackers-12-3-6oz-boxes.html ) You can just buy some and take it to work, easyy

    And of course, nuts. Almonds in particular supposedly have some kind of magical weight loss abilities (http://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/14574348) where people who eat almonds lose more weight than people who ate the same amount of calories but did not eat almonds.
  • Heh, I just realized that those tuna/cracker things I were talking about are also in my profile pic. you can tell i like them :3
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    I sometimes have issues with this. Peanut butter is a lifesaver! Sometimes I put coconut oil in my coffee for a calorie boost. Buttered toast too :)
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    Feed me all night long.