What are you not going to miss about being fat?



  • jzammetti
    jzammetti Posts: 1,956 Member
    I will literally miss NOTHING about being fat.
  • thedrione
    I'm not going to miss being afraid to ride a bike because I'm scared to bend the seatpost or break the pedals. I'm not going to miss having to have my seat pushed all the way back when I drive. I'm not going to miss thinking my sons friends are making fun of me when I'm not looking. I'm not going to miss thinking everyone feels sorry for my husband because he has a super fat wife. I'm not going to miss people staring at me in restaurants. I won't miss not being able to ride rides at the fair with my family. I'm not going to miss having to shop in Plus Size stores for twice as much money. I'm not going to miss having to find extra wide shoes to wear because my feet are so fat. I have a LONG way to go, but I"ll get there. I'm just over 21 pounds down, and have just under 175 to go to get to my real goal, but I'm making changes every day, and taking it slow. One day at a time. We can all do this if we think about what we are dealing with on a daily basis...typing this makes me want it more!
  • dwallski
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    I am not going to miss having a hard time breathing while walking....also I am not going to miss trying to shop for clothes and everything is too tight
  • fightininggirl
    fightininggirl Posts: 792 Member
    that's my name to as well. She says the same thing to me. also
    I am not going to miss my step grandmother emotionally abusing me about my weight and barking every time I eat.

    My grandmother used to say things like this: "Ya know, Katie, if you just lost the weight, all the boys would be after you". The irony is that when my grandmother died she weighed about 350 lbs.
  • Pinkigloopyxie
    Mostly what I won't miss is people applying 'fat girl' stereotypes onto me. Like when I just talk to a guy, I'm afraid he'll think I'm flirting with him and avoid me out of disgust. Sometimes they do, people in general look at me with disinterest, look down on me because I'm fat.

    As if I even know how to flirt, hah.

    Course by the time I'm skinny I'll have to deal with people looking down on me for other things but somehow I can deal with that, because I'm proud of being myself, but I'm not proud of being fat.
  • labellecanuck
    labellecanuck Posts: 105 Member
    -having my stomach always popping out
    -having little energy and being slow
    -thunder thighs!
    -not wearing a bikini
    -feeling too heavy for my bf to lift
    -the guilt of always thinking I should work out but not
  • k8blujay2
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    I won't miss my belly touching my boobs when sitting down and leaning forward. :-/
  • newlow
    Feeling like the fattest person in the room
    Feeling like 'the ugly one' simply because of my weight
    Not sleeping well because of body pains and aches
    Looking in the mirror and thinking 'fat' before anything else
    Being/feeling ignored
    Feeling inferior
    Being generally uncomfortable in my skin
    Having my social anxiety magnified because all that I'm feeling feels true instead of simple anxiety
    Having extra female probles because of too much estrogen
    Dreading the scale and the dressing room
    Never buying a bathing suit or lingerie