Only gained 2 pounds on a 7 night cruise



  • I went on that same cruise last march/april. I wasn't concerned about my weight then, but I have another cruise we're taking this year and I AM going to be fit. congrats on all your success
  • JCT1000
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    Thanks for posting this. We are going on a cruise in less than 2 weeks, and I was thinking of asking for advice. Your comments about refraining from all the fruit drinks is a good idea. I remember from cruising before, they usually designate a budget priced drink of the day, and it is almost always a fruit based drink.

    We cruised a few years ago, and I made it a point to eat real light in the AM, then go for a work out. Lunch was mostly salad and low cal / low fat protein choices, then I pretty much ate what I wanted in the evening, but, probably drank too much. I don't recall what I gained, but don't think it was too bad.

    This time, I'm hoping to come in close to where I left; two pounds would be OK.
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    nice. i'll be visiting family for a week so this is reassurance that its possible.