The Best Article On Motivation I Have Ever Read

Read it, absorb it, truly understand it, and you'll never need motivation from another person again...ever.


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    It was a great article! There's a lot of good advice there; very frank and worthy. Thank you for sharing the link!
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    tnx, i saved the page on my comp, will read it when i have a chance!!
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    That's a great article...really puts things in perspective, even if you don't apply the message specifically to lifting.
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    That's a great article...really puts things in perspective, even if you don't apply the message specifically to lifting.

    That's a big reason why I chose to share it. It can be applied to all things in life from diet, to employment, and just about everything else in between. His Lifer series (this one is part 5 of 11) starts off entirely based around lifting, but as it goes along it starts to appeal more and more to all aspects of life.
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    Bump for the people who may not have caught it before.
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    Thanks for the article. It's just what I need. I need to stop looking to others for motivation and find it within myself. This article can be applied to all aspects of life.
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    The take-away point is:

    From Strength Life Legacy.............


    Motivation is bull****. Getting better should be something you’re already about. Not
    something you need to be goaded into. I’m not saying some things don’t light a bigger fire
    under your *kitten* than others, but if you have to seek out reasons to get better, you’re
    losing. Meaning, If it requires some outside force to resonate with something inside of you,
    you aren’t in possession of what it takes to get better all on your own.

    How will you CONSISTENTLY get better if it requires the dangling carrot to do make you do

    At some point you have to decide that getting better is just a part of what you are. What
    makes you, you. When that happens you won’t need “devices” in order to get better. It will
    just be something you do. If you were isolated in a room with your weights for 10 years,
    would you get better without the influence of external forces? I hope you can say yes to
    that. If not, figure out how to say yes to that. "
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    Thank you SO much for sharing this. This is the kick in the butt I needed this morning.

    I love the end!!!

    "I'm running a race. It's not a sprint, but a marathon."

    You look around, and you realize, there's no one running it but you. All the other "competitors" are gone. There's no one to catch up to. It's all about you, and your journey. Those feelings of steadfastness and resolve are now accompanied by peace as well.

    "This is really all about me. I get to run this race at my own pace. I can set a solid pace, that gets me where I need to be, that's based on my abilities. I can enjoy this journey. I can see the end of the race in the distance, but for now, I'm just going concentrate on the road right in front of me, because I know if I do that, I will eventually get there. Let's do this ****."
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    And another bump for those who haven't caught it yet.