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Help me buy whey protein powder? (brand advice)



  • silentnemesis
    silentnemesis Posts: 45 Member
    If you're looking for a 'daily' protein (something to replace a meal/breakfast protein) then you can get 100% whey protein (any brand) and look on the back for the ingredients-- whey protein concentrate needs to be broken down and digested before your body/muscles can actually utilize it.

    So drinking any 100% whey protein post-workout will result in 20-50% (50% is still a high high number, I'd say 45% at the absolute most) of that protein getting turned into LBM/actually going towards recovery.

    If you want to actually utilize upwards of 90% of a protein for a 'recovery' shake (post-workout) then you need a hydrolyzed/whey protein isolate for the post... if you stick with Optimum Nutrition that would be their Hydrowhey-- you only drink whey protein isolate/hydrolyzed whey protein post-workout (within that first hour after your lifting session) and THAT'S IT. Any other time you drink protein (daily) you want something based off of whey protein concentrate.

    Hydrolyzed/whey isolate means your stomach doesn't need to break the protein down/digest it-- and it'll get sent up to your muscles ASAP for recovery, etc etc.

    There's plenty of different hydrolyzed/isolate proteins out there, BSN's Syntha-6 isolate, ON's hydrowhey, Isopure by Nature's Best, there's plenty of different types and you can check if it's what you need by reading the "ingredients:" on the back label. Most proteins are a mix of whey protein concentrate and whey protein isolate, but post-workout you strictly want ONLY whey isolate/hydrolyzed-- and never drink that hydrolyzed/isolate during the day, or you'll be paying for expensive poop ;]
  • Energizer06
    Energizer06 Posts: 311 Member
    They are all fine and personal preference. Someone posted an all about whey article that was it and read it

    Basically , whey comes in 3 forms and here are their order of best to worst

    1- Whey Hydrolyate--expensive - pre and post workout best - partially digested already
    2-Whey Isolate - less expensive - great post - pure form of whey
    3- Whey Concentrate - cheap - good anytime between meals / pre/ post - not so pure but still builds

    Usually 2 and 3 are portioned in most whey powders.

    I use a pre and post workout drink separate from whey that contains all the BCAA I need. I drink 2 shakes aday at 2 - 42g scoops a piece, so I go for the Musletek Elite Series at Walmart... Otherwise my pocket book would take a huge hit.

    Nothing beats 6 egg whites for breakfast on a slice of toast with 1 tbls of salsa.
  • socioseguro
    socioseguro Posts: 1,679 Member
    I suggest you check "Consumer Reports online" from 2010.
    some whey protein brands have high concentration of heavy metals.
  • sunnyside1213
    sunnyside1213 Posts: 1,205 Member
    Body Fortress brand. I like chocolate and vanilla for putting in protein shakes with fruit and yogurt.
  • babycrisci
    You may want to try shopping on
    They have really good deals on protein powder.

    Also. If you are trying to cut weight then Dymatize Hydrolized Whey is best. Syntha-6 tastes the best, but is a bit higher in fat
  • Pinkigloopyxie
    Thank you everyone! My phone died while travelling so I haven't been able to reply, but I think I'm going to check out these better quality brands that have been suggested online.

    I even went to the GNC and was able to see they had the golden standard for $30.... on sale.. compared to $26 online. So I'll do some shopping. In the meantime, I bought some low fat cottage cheese.

    I have to confess... I don't really like chocolate cake/icecream/shakes/cookies, so I'm apprehensive about chocolate wheys. Thankfully you've all suggested a number of brands and flavours, so I have a good starting point.

    Thanks again!