42 and 35!!!

Hi there,

I am a 42 year mother of 3 with a full time job. I live in Central FL and I'm on a mission to lose 35 lbs and would love some motivational assistance.


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    Feel free to friend me, I'm older and fatter, but the journey is the same!
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    you can add me . I am older than you too.58 if you want someone closer to your own age that's ok . I do like to comment and get comments.
  • Hi Nancy from Chicago here. Just turned 44 and planning a trip to Sarasota with my hubby for our 10th anniversary this spring! So I kind of have a short term goal. Get as much off before the trip, so I am very driven. My first week not so good, but mostly cause I had birthday weekend out and splurged a bit. I work full time as well and do great when I am at work and even work out during lunch, but my issue is when I get home. Until I get my husband completely on board, his influence will prevent me from getting to my goal. It's also hard for me to sleep if I am hungry, I have to find a solution for that.

    We are in a similar age group and work full time, so we can keep in touch!
  • You're all great. Looking forward to sharing my journey with you all. Thanks you!
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    Not super new...but looking to get a great support team!! :) Feel Free to add me
  • I'm still trying to get the hang of it.
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    You can do this . Take one meal at a time, get some exercise, rest, and repeat. You got this! .
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    HI add me if you want...:smile:
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    Hello from PA! I am 45 and a mother of two. My mission is to drop the added weight and get back to living healthier. I am still a work in progress. My diary is open, but not perfect. Add me if you wish. I will send a request. Anyone here is free to add me. I love the support system I have found on MFP!