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links_slayerlinks_slayer Member Posts: 1,151 Member Member Posts: 1,151 Member
- 28 Nov 2012: 205 lbs
- 18 Feb 2013: 190 lbs
- Gym 3x per week, 30 mins/visit
- 33:67 mix of cardio:weights
- 50:50 mix of freeweights:machines
- 30-45 min of moderate cardio at home 2-4x/week
- Drank anywhere from 1-3 diet sodas/day (zomg aspartame is the devil)
- Cut nothing from my diet; if I wanted it...*gasp* I ate it...especially on the weekend.
- Fit into 34x34 jeans for the first time since high school
- I'm proud of myself

It wasn't easy but it also wasn't end-of-the-world difficult. IMO it was all about discipline and self control (e.g. eating 1 serving of Cheetos and not the entire MFing bag).

I didn't have all that much weight to lose compared to others on here. If nothing else maybe this can be an inspiration or motivation to those looking to make the final push for the last 10-15 pounds.


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