Please need your opinion

Hey guys, am strrugglin to lose 40 pounds, and was wondering how to get my cellulites aways and the love handles....i hate them so much, really need some help please, i've been doin like 1 hour a half on treadmill and ellitical trainer...anything else u guys legs really need toning......thaxs


  • mamagooskie
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    Have you changed your eating habits? You may want to try some core exercizes and ab exercizes that work the obliques as well.
  • Mspositive1
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    yes i did change my eatin habits, but i hate these love i need to run more
  • sheresamae
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    doing some lunges and squats or the machines at gym if you go for legs will help those areas firm up
  • mamaturner
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    doing some lunges and squats or the machines at gym if you go for legs will help those areas firm up

    I agree with these! Any way to do some zumba classes or dvds? I've lost almost 20 inches in my hips and waist alone doing zumba, and it's so much fun!!
  • courtney_love2001
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    Cardio is the way to go. You will shrink all over. I like running, but elliptical is great, too. Whatever you're interested in will definitely help your cellulite/love handles, but it will take some time. Good luck!
  • lwest008
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    The love handles will go as you body fat % decreases, so keep up with the cardio and healthy eating. I personally have found that my cellulite has almost disappeared as a result of clean eating (no processed foods, no fake sweetners etc) and increasing my water intake (when skin is dehydrated, cellulite is more visible). Keep up up the cardio, but take an honest look at what your consuming, not just calories, but quality of food. And a bonus, I have found clean eating to be more econmical because I am buying whole foods, and consuming alternate proteins like eggs and beans more regularly.
  • KiriKiriKiri
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    I have lost a lot of weight and have really tightened/toned along the way... the thing that I have found that works the best in ADDITION to my cardio/running as well as lunges/squats, etc... is that I also do pilates. Pilates is the one thing that really seems to sculpt my body the best and when I go some time without doing a pilates workout, I don't look as lean. Might not be for everyone though...

    In addition, I completely agree with the clean eating! It does work! When you eat healthier, organic and when the body fat percentage will the appearance of cellulite ;)
  • Vegas408
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    I've found that running/cardio, laying twist crunches and standing trunk twists have helped me in the oblique area. It takes a a bit though because the muscle is underneath the fat, so you have to watch your diet and work it off over some time.
    Be patient. Your hard work will pay off! If it were easy, we wouldn't appreciate the results when we achieve our goals!!

  • Trish02
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    Anything works the body as a whole to decrease fat. Like Jillian says (which is what I hate :sad: ) them darn lunges and squats done regularly you will notice change but you must work through the burn. Leg lifts in variations sideways, front and back. Good Luck! :drinker:
  • Mspositive1
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    thaxs guys, i will try tomorrow.