Rest Days

Just many rest days do you take a week from exercise?

I do once a week right now and may consider upping that to two.


  • once every 2 weeks
  • nicolina823
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    I dont take any unless I'm in pain or at my grandparents house without a DVD player.
  • DrBorkBork
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    I rest on Sunday & Thursday, and workout on all the other days.
  • I do it all based on how I feel. Make sure you listen to your body......if your extremely tired/sore when you usually wouldnt be its never a bad idea to take a day off. Taking a day off can also revamp your energy and enable to make you workout even harder and longer which will in turn burn more calories and lead to more weight loss. Taking an extra day off can sometimes make you feel guilty, but you really do need to listen to your body.
  • hiddensecant
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    I rest on Sunday and have a light day on Thursday .. it keeps the rest of the week going strong.
  • crking
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    I usually take 2 days a week at the max..also depends on what is going on that week. If I know I am going to be super busy one day I use that as my rest day and If I have lots of free time I might just workout all week. All depends! But I do think it's essential to give your body a rest at least once a week.
    BAKECAKE Posts: 10
    i dont usually. unless im extremely sore and physically cant. or if im sick...
  • melathon
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    I take two rest days per week.

    It really depends on what your exercise routine consists of. If you're just walking, then I'd say every day is fine.
    But if you're doing strenuous weight workouts, you've GOT to rest muscle groups in between workouts, sometimes for several days, depending on the workout. (The trainers at my gym say it takes a muscle 72 hours to recover from hard lifting.) Taking rest days will help you build muscle rather than lose it.
    If you're running, you need at least one day off per week (I know this particular point is debatable, but when I was running seriously I took 1-2 days off per week. Any less and my knees were ANGRY.)
    Hope this helps!
  • sjcply
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    1 day a week for me, Sundays!
  • aippolito1
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    Well, I originally incorporated a rest day because we had date night and that was the day I just couldn't fit extra exercise in... now I just have one because I'm working out harder and REALLY need it! So, just one. :)

    It was Friday but now I think I may make it Monday or Tuesday, depending on if my boyfriend's schedule stays the same (where he has both days off - then I could spend more time with him and go bowling 'cause it's cheaper on weeknights!! Sorry, way off topic).
  • lilchino4af
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    I'm doing P90X right now and it has a built in rest day. If I know I'm not going to have time to do one of the workouts, I make it up on the weekend when I have more time.
  • bonitatica
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    one to two days. depends on how i feel. usually after a rest day i workout extra hard
  • Holton
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    WOW! I am a slackered compared to the rest of you! I am only committed to working out 2x a week, but typically find that I do 4x at the most.
  • sundinsgurl
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    I usually try to get at least 30 minutes of exercise in a day.. even if its just a 30 minute walk. Weekends are a bit harder.. but since soccer has started every Sunday.. its only Saturdays that give me troubles
  • iplayoutside19
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    I schedule 1, but life gets in the way and it's usually two.

    I will say this. The day after a rest day I feel incredible.
  • gecallo
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    Rest a day, workout six :o]
  • usmcwifeb15
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    I workout 6 days and usually rest on Sunday. I find that if I don't take a rest day I become very irritable and my body feels worn down.
  • happy_jax
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    Like a lot of other people, I judge by how I feel - and also my work schedule.

    Usually I have Thursdays and Sundays off though - but even on these days I will do something physical (cleaning, gardening, shopping, country walk etc) it just would be giving my knees and muscles a break from the intensity of the gym! :smile:
  • Schula03
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    I usually have 1 or 2 depending on my schedule. Sometimes I may not have a rest day but a day where I just do light exercise like walking or something. :wink:
  • rybo
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    I try to run 3-4 days a week. Then sprinkle in yoga on my days off. Weekends I am usually active enough that I don't have to do a separate workout.

    I am thinking about trying to run almost every day. I've been on a solid 3 days a week for almost a couple years now, and when I don't run I feel "lost".