Wine is my!



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    Love wine. I didnt have any when I joined MFP, and then I tried to work it into my calories as suggested by many. I hated having 1 glass more than not having any. For me, it is harder to stop after 1 glass than not have any. So I prefer having on my TREAT list.
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    Me too! And I'm noticing that my husband has been pouring me glasses without asking which makes me drink even more! I don't think it's a problem though. It helps that I don't have a 1200 calorie day but even on my 1800 calories I sometimes notice that my red wine habit has eaten all my protein calories.
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    I get the single serving bottle of wine (barefoot pinot noir). Split that small bottle into 2 glasses of wine and you won't feel like you are depriving yourself of your "two glasses of wine" Good luck and I understand... I like my glass of wine on the weekends and will make my accommodations in my diet to do so.

    I know this sounds strange... but you could also up your calories from 1200 to how ever many you need to fit in the two glasses of wine into your calories per day. Just make sure that before you set up your food for the day, you put your wine in right in the morning so you don't go over on the food...

    I'm putting mini wine bottles on my shopping list now! I can't believe I didn't think of this. Thank you so much! Oh and I also pre-plan by putting my alcohol calories in my diary ahead of time if I know I'm going out with friends.
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    when i feel really sad about not having alcohol i drink perrier from a wine glass and still feel fancy with none of the calories :) as long as i don't go overboard and drink a bottle rather than a glass ( make sure that you measure how many oz your wine glass holds because you may be surprised that a glass may be more than a true serving of wine) i can usually maintain my weight loss drinking one glass of wine a night( it has to be a red wine). another thing you could do if you can't give it up is, look at your other calories you are eating throughout the day and see what you can cut out. can you give up dressings, coffee creamers, oils, added sweeteners etc to compensate for the extra calories? good luck!
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    These are great tips. I've noticed that on work week days, I will just come home and pour a glass of wine and forgo the workout all together That is a major issue because after work is my time to workout. I think this week I am going to have a snack on my way home, come home, have some water and then just go for a jog outside. If I sit down, or start eating, I won't want to workout, which is really causing me to not lose weight. At least if I worked out, I could have a glass without the guilt I think I am going to try spritzers too that way it halves the calories
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    just remember that as soon as alcohol is in your system you no longer burn fat because the body needs to eliminate the toxic substance first.

    if you are also eating lots of carbs proteins and fats with alcohol, all those get stored in the body for the hours it takes to clear out the alcohol, so by the end of the night, you'll probably be sleeping on a lot of calories and gaining the dreaded belly fat. it would be like you had a giant dinner at midnight.

    I used to drink quite a bit and luvvvv red wine especially, but since I mostly don't drink anymore, I can instantly see the negative effects of even 2 glasses on myself in the morning. Its like I was drinking pickle juice and am super dehydrated--I even get a couple zit break outs.
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    This is a tough one for me too! Chew gum drink lots of water and find ways to keep yourself occupied.
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    And people think Soul Food is a problem, LOL. Cultural habits are very difficult to break, so you must change them gradually. Unfortunately, Cultural habits were formed out of necessity and times were very different>>people worked long hours at Hard jobs, food was scarce and many of these things that are eaten regularly now, were actually "treats" for ancestors. I have given up alcohol, Green Tea and other Teas are My focus now...I'm all into it; New GOOD Habits!

    That is why it's about a LIFESTYLE Change and NOT Dieting. Lifestyle Change takes time and Patience and is SUSTAINABLE. You have to give up some/all of the old Bad Habits or Correct them to make them Healthier...If You Love Yourself.
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    Hi group, Been trying to follow a 1200 calorie diet but I typically drink 2 glasses of wine at dinner. I am Italian and it is what I am used to. I want to change so I only have wine on the weekends. It is so hard because we get together with friends and make gourmet dinners and of course wine is always present. Any alternative suggestions to wine?

    Wow can I relate to this one. my problem is that I love wine and then I don't think about what I'm eating. I only allow myself wine 1 night a week, generally weekends. good luck!
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    hi, I know exactly what you mean! Im italian too and used to have wine with I now use smaller glasses so I can have two glasses. Also I include it in my calories so it's not too bad. just do an extra 20 mms exercise! ;-)
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    Eat more than 1200 calories....that is most likely too low.
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    It looks like you're not alone... many people seem to have the same issue.

    My wife is a wine lover too. For several years I would also drink wine each night.

    To get myself away from that habit, I compared a $25 or $30 bottle vs. the $12 bottle that she routinely buys. I much prefer the more expensive wine (the difference was night and day to me. So I convinced myself that I only want the more expensive stuff). I found that with more expensive bottles, one glass would normally satisfy my urge to drink wine. We don't get those very often - so my problem is solved.

    So that's how I got away from it - realizing that I preferred one glass of 'better quality' wine.

    I did the same thing with beer. During football season, it easy to take in a lot of beer. So I tried to find a style and taste that I liked best and started going to Bevmo to get one or two bottles of those. I'd stay away from 12 packs when possible. It might end up more expensive to go specialty or higher quality, but in the end I think the reduction in quantity helped me out.

    Good luck!
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    i love wine too, sunday is my cheat day. i drink a whole bottle of wine on sunday (LOL!) and then go without the rest of the week, i just remind myself..........4 days til cheat day..... etc. it works for me, :drinker:

    Love my wine and love this idea!!!
  • Have the same problem. Have you heard of the Soda Stream? You can make your own fizzy water and that has really helped me as I find it hard to drink just straight water. Then you can also mix the fizzy water with the wine and make a seltzer.
  • I like the suggestion above to buy more expensive wine. I am going to try that. Thanks!