should i measure myself?

I don't measure myself should i be. i know the check-in box allows you to update on weight and also measurements but i've never given a thought to do that.

what are your thoughts on it? do you guys measure yourselves? if so how often?

do you prefer it to checking that number on the scale?


  • yes you should. cause sometime we wont lose the weight we want. but when you measure yourself, seeing that numbers are going down. then boom :D you have the motivation to carry on. cause sometime you will just get discourage.

    i have this happen all the time. when i dont lose the weight, i lose inches instead. when i do lose the weight i dont lose inches as much.

    your body and weight plays a big role
  • FitToBeFab
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    I do!! Definitely.

    The first time I started this site, I measured every two weeks. It was really nice to see that even if I didn't drop more than two pounds, I maybe dropped an inch. This time around, I'm aiming to measure every month.

    Weight loss isn't just reflected in the number on the scale. Use every tool you can to measure progress.
  • chandnikhondji
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    I totally agree, you definitely should. it is a great way to see results when the scale refuses to spit them out. But also great for control to solve some problems like when you don't lose weight but inches that you don't become frustrated. Or when your scale is broken, that you still see where you are going to. There are surely more reasons but they all say "go for it" :)
    BAKECAKE Posts: 10
    YES! YES! YES! cant stress it enough! measuring inches is waay better than the scale. i gained like 10 lbs of muscle when i first started my gym routine, and the only thing keeping me sane was seeing that even tho the scale went up, the inches came off.
  • MandasCorner
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    Absolutely!! I am gonna have my friend help me take my measurements this weekend. If I didn't drop any pounds, I likely dropped in inches so it helps keep the frustration down when you don't lose any pounds. From what I have learned, you should weigh yourself once a week (same day of the week/around the same time each week) in the morning before you eat or drink anything. And, then you should do your measurements once a month. This is what I was told by Jenny Craig and Curves in the past. Hope this helps! :)
  • Wolfena
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    Definitely measure - sometimes when the scale won't budge, the inches still come off - it's a sure sign and motivation to keep on going, even when that mean old scale is trying to get you down!
  • bonitatica
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    thanks pals! i guess its never too late to start lol i just hope i'm doing it right, hehe